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Matrix multiplication for ndarrays


General matrix multiply for ndarrays. This is analogous to the BLAS level 3 routine xGEMM.

Note that while this implementation is correct, it is not yet very optimized. If someone wants to take over this project or suggest improvements, patches are welcome.

var zeros = require("zeros")
var ops = require("ndarray-ops")
var gemm = require("ndgemm")
//Create 3 random matrices 
var a = zeros([300, 400]) // a is 300 x 400 
var b = zeros([400, 500]) // b is 400 x 500 
var c = zeros([300, 500]) // c is 300 x 500 
//Set c = a * b 
gemm(c, a, b)

Install using npm:

npm install ndgemm

Computes a generalized matrix multiplication. This sets:

= alpha * a * b + beta * c
  • c is a [n,m] shape ndarray
  • a is a [n,p] shape ndarray
  • b is a [p,m] shape ndarray
  • alpha is a scalar weight which is applied to the product a * b
  • beta is a scalar weight applied to c when added back in

(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License