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Downsample by a factor of two using sinc interpolation


Downsamples an ndarray by a factor of 2 using sinc interpolation.

Here is a simple example showing how to downsample an image:

var lena = require("luminance")(require("lena"))
var x = require("zeros")([256,256])
require("ndarray-downsample2x")(x, lena, 0, 255)
require("save-pixels")(x, "png").pipe(process.stdout)

And here is the result:

npm install ndarray-downsample2x

Downsamples input by a factor of two storing the result in output.

  • output gets the result of downsampling
  • input is the array that gets downsampled
  • clamp_lo is a threshold placed on the pixeks
  • clamp_hi is an upper threhsold placed on the pixels

Note input's shape must be divisible by 4 and output's shape must be one half of input's along each dimension.

(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License