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nci static server

Static files server for nci.


npm install nci-static-server


To enable add this plugin to the plugins section at server config, set locations which should be shared via http by setting http.static section e.g.:

    "plugins": [
    "http": {
        "host": "",
        "port": 3000,
        "url": "",
        "static": {
            "locations": [
                    "url": "/js/",
                    "root": "static/"

Location root resolves according to current working dirictory.

Example above will share all files from current working dirictory/static/js/ when access to /js/ e.g. current working dirictory/static/js/lib/jquery.js will be available by url /js/lib/jquery.js.

Location url also can be a regexp but then you need to use reader which supports regexps e.g. with nci yaml reader server config.yml may looks like:

    - nci-static-server
    port: 3000
            - url: !!js/regexp ^/(js|css|fonts|images)/
              root: static/
            - url: !!js/regexp ^/projects/(\w|-)+/workspace(/)?
              root: data/
#uncomment lines below to prevent directory listing
#        options:
#            showDir: false

first location shares all required static, the second one provides access to content of project workspaces. Note that by default directory listing is enabled.