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Parse or Compile NBT files


This is yet another NBT module. It has asynchronous, synchronous, and Streams for parsing, compiling, merging, and mapping of NBT files. Any method or class that parses a Buffer that contains NBT data will try to decompress it, if it determines that it was GZIP'd or DEFLATE'd.

See also: /docs/


Any integer or number above 2^53 can not be represented correctly as a nbt.Long. This is a language limitation imposed by JavaScript.


  • Code & Unit Tests
    • nbt.parse
    • nbt.parseSync
    • nbt.ParseStream
    • nbt.createParseStream
    • nbt.compile
    • nbt.compileSync
    • nbt.CompileStream
    • nbt.createCompileStream
    • nbt.merge
    • nbt.mergeSync
    • nbt.MergeStream
    • nbt.createMergeStream
    • nbt.mapSync
    • nbt.MapStream
    • nbt.createMapStream
    • Tags
      • nbt.List
      • nbt.Compound
      • nbt.Byte
      • nbt.Short
      • nbt.Int
      • nbt.Long
      • nbt.Float
      • nbt.Double
      • nbt.String
      • nbt.ByteArray
      • nbt.IntArray
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This is MIT Licensed. See LICENSE

nbt-stream is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB