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This is yet another NBT module. It has asynchronous, synchronous, and Streams for parsing, compiling, merging, and mapping of NBT files. Any method or class that parses a Buffer that contains NBT data will try to decompress it, if it determines that it was GZIP'd or DEFLATE'd.

See also: /docs/


Any integer or number above 2^53 can not be represented correctly as a nbt.Long. This is a language limitation imposed by JavaScript.


  • Code & Unit Tests
    • nbt.parse
    • nbt.parseSync
    • nbt.ParseStream
    • nbt.createParseStream
    • nbt.compile
    • nbt.compileSync
    • nbt.CompileStream
    • nbt.createCompileStream
    • nbt.merge
    • nbt.mergeSync
    • nbt.MergeStream
    • nbt.createMergeStream
    • nbt.mapSync
    • nbt.MapStream
    • nbt.createMapStream
    • Tags
      • nbt.List
      • nbt.Compound
      • nbt.Byte
      • nbt.Short
      • nbt.Int
      • nbt.Long
      • nbt.Float
      • nbt.Double
      • nbt.String
      • nbt.ByteArray
      • nbt.IntArray
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This is MIT Licensed. See LICENSE

nbt-stream is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB