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execute local bin files in a module


execute local bin files in a module

[sudo] npm install nbin -g

nbin(1) allows you to execute the bin files found in node_modules/.bin from the command line without having to type the path explicitly

$ nbin mocha -a "\-R spec"
    ✓ should accept a valid module directory and read from the `./node_modules/.bin` directory
    nbin(dir).exec(bin, args)
      ✓ should execute a given `bin` and return a stream
  2 passing (16 ms)

nbin can be used via the command line executable or programmatically

nbin(1) accepts a bin name a single argument and will execute it and pipe back to stdout of the executing tty

$ npm install forever
$ nbin forever
help:    usage: forever [action] [options] SCRIPT [script-options]
help:    Monitors the script specified in the current process or as a daemon
help:    actions:
help:      start               Start SCRIPT as a daemon
help:      stop                Stop the daemon SCRIPT
help:      stopall             Stop all running forever scripts
help:      restart             Restart the daemon SCRIPT
help:      restartall          Restart all running forever scripts
help:      list                List all running forever scripts
help:      config              Lists all forever user configuration
help:      set <key> <val>     Sets the specified forever config <key>
help:      clear <key>         Clears the specified forever config <key>
help:      logs

you can start a daemon with forever using nbin from your local node_modules directory by using the --args flag

$ nbin forever --args "start bin/myapp"
warn:    --minUptime not set. Defaulting to: 1000ms
warn:    --spinSleepTime not set. Your script will exit if it does not stay up for at least 1000ms
info:    Forever processing file: bin/myapp

you can stop it the same way too

$ nbin forever --args "stop bin/myapp"

NOTE: you must escape certain characters like - with \- so arguments are passed properly

list all bins found in your module

$ nbin ls
  cwd: /Users/jwerle/repos/nbin
  .bin: /Users/jwerle/repos/nbin/node_modules/.bin
    o _mocha (/Users/jwerle/repos/nbin/node_modules/.bin/_mocha)
    o mocha (/Users/jwerle/repos/nbin/node_modules/.bin/mocha)

nbin can be used programmatically too.

  • dir - module directory


var mods = nbin(__dirname)
console.log(mods.bins); // ['mocha', 'forever'] 

execute a bin on a given module directory with an optional arguments array and returns a stream

  • bin - bin to execute
  • args - (optional) array of arguments to pass to executed bin
var stream = nbin(__dirname).exec('mocha')
stream.on('data', function (chunk) {
  // do something with chunk 
stream.on('error', function () {
  // handle error