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    No Big Deal, Just Saying

    nbd.js is not Yet Another MVC Framework in that it does not seek to be the end-all of client-side MVC/MVVM/MVP/MVW/etc needs. You can use it as a standalone MVC framework, or in conjunction with any other frameworks. Use as much or as little of nbd.js as you like, because it is designed to provide modular functionality.

    The best way to use nbd.js is through an AMD module loader like RequireJS. Since each file is a one-to-one mapping to a module, the fastest way to use nbd.js inside your JavaScript project is to check it out as a git submodule. From the root of your own project's git repository:

    git submodule add path/to/modules/nbd

    Then require() the modules you want into your project, and you're ready to go!

    If your project doesn't make use of a module loader, no big deal. A packaged version is available at build/nbd.js, and the minified version at build/nbd.min.js. Including it will make all the modules avaible under the nbd global namespace.

    require() All the Modules!


    Wish JavaScript frameworks provided a feature or solved a problem more elegantly? Open up an issue! We'd love to hear from you and adding features is no big deal.

    Coding Standard

    nbd.js uses softtabstop=2, unix line endings. All modules are written expecting an ES5 conformant engine, in ES5 Strict Mode. Compatibility with older browsers is expected to be provided by a polyfill like es5-shim.

    In addition, all code is expected to pass JSLint with the following rules, with reasonable exceptions.

      bitwise: true,
      browser: true,
      continue: true,
      debug: true,
      devel: true,
      eqeq: true,
      forin: true,
      nomen: true,
      plusplus: true,
      regexp: true,
      undef: true,
      white: true


    1. Documentation of all the modules, especially utilities
    2. Views require something to handle existant DOM structures, i.e. not templated by JS
    3. Templates registry for sane templates handling, engine-agnostic
    4. HTML5 Worker controllers


    npm i nbd

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