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    🎵 Maybe the best beautiful HTML5 responsive player component for react : )

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    📦 Installation

    using yarn :

    yarn add react-jinke-music-player

    using npm :

    npm install react-jinke-music-player --save

    🖼️ Screenshots

    mini mode

    mini mode

    Light Theme

    light theme

    Dark Theme

    dark theme



    Feature list

    👀 Example

    live example :

    local example : http://localhost:8081/

    Source Code

    📝 Usage

    import React from 'react'
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
    import ReactJkMusicPlayer from 'react-jinke-music-player'
    import 'react-jinke-music-player/assets/index.css'
      <ReactJkMusicPlayer {...options} />,

    📋 API

    Name Type Default Description
    className string - Additional CSS class for the root DOM node
    audioLists AudioListProps[] - Detail
    theme light | dark | auto dark color of the music player theme dark, light, auto (follow system)
    locale zh_CN | en_US | CustomLocale en_US Detail
    icon Customize player icon - Customize player icon
    defaultPosition object {top:0,left:0} audio controller initial position with left,top,right,and bottom
    playModeShowTime number 600 play mode toggle show time (ms)
    bounds object,number body specifies movement boundaries. Accepted values: parent restricts movement within the node's offsetParent (nearest node with position relative or absolute), or a selector, restricts movement within the targeted node An object with left, top, right, and bottom properties. These indicate how far in each direction the draggable can be moved.
    preload boolean,string false Whether to load audio immediately after the page loads. can be set to `auto
    remember boolean false The next time you access the player, do you keep the last state
    glassBg boolean false Whether the player's background displays frosted glass effect
    remove boolean true The Audio Can be deleted
    defaultPlayIndex number 0 Default play index of the audio player
    playIndex number 0 play index of the audio player
    defaultPlayMode string order default play mode of the audio player options can be set to order,orderLoop,singleLoop,shufflePlay or omitted
    mode string mini audio theme switch checkedText can be set to mini,full or omitted
    once boolean false The default audioPlay handle function will be played again after each pause, If you only want to trigger it once, you can set 'true'
    autoPlay boolean true Whether the audio is played after loading is completed. mobile devices are invalid autoplay-policy-changes
    toggleMode boolean true Whether you can switch between two modes, full => mini or mini => full
    drag boolean true audio controller is can be drag of the "mini" mode
    seeked boolean true Whether you can drag or click the progress bar to play in the new progress.
    showMiniModeCover boolean true audio cover is show of the "mini" mode
    showMiniProcessBar boolean false audio progress circle bar is show of the "mini" mode
    showProgressLoadBar boolean true Displays the audio load progress bar.
    showPlay boolean true play button display of the audio player panel
    showReload boolean true reload button display of the audio player panel
    showDownload boolean true download button display of the audio player panel
    showPlayMode boolean true play mode toggle button display of the audio player panel
    showThemeSwitch boolean true theme toggle switch display of the audio player panel
    showLyric boolean false audio lyric button display of the audio player panel
    showMediaSession boolean false
    lyricClassName string - audio lyric class name
    extendsContent ReactNode | boolean | string - Extensible custom content like <><button>button1</button> <button>button2</button></>
    defaultVolume number 1 default volume of the audio player , range 0-1
    loadAudioErrorPlayNext boolean true Whether to try playing the next audio when the current audio playback fails
    responsive boolean true Whether to turn on the response mode, if set false, audio controller always show desktop ui
    onAudioDownload function(audioInfo) - audio is downloaded handle
    onAudioPlay function(audioInfo) - audio play handle
    onAudioPause function(audioInfo) - audio pause handle
    onAudioSeeked function(audioInfo) - When the user has moved/jumped to a new location in audio handle
    onAudioVolumeChange function(volume) - When the volume has changed handle min = 0.0 max = 1.0
    onAudioEnded function(currentPlayId,audioLists,audioInfo) - The single song is ended handle
    onAudioAbort function(currentPlayId, audioLists, audioInfo) - audio load abort The target event like {...,audioName:xx,audioSrc:xx,playMode:xx}
    onAudioProgress function(audioInfo) - audio play progress handle
    onAudioError function(errMsg,currentPlayId, audioLists, audioInfo) - audio load failed error handle
    onAudioReload function(audioInfo) - audio reload handle
    onAudioListsChange function(currentPlayId,audioLists,audioInfo) - audio lists change handle
    onAudioPlayTrackChange function(currentPlayId,audioLists,audioInfo) - audio current play track change handle
    onAudioPlayModeChange function(playMode) - play mode change handle
    onAudioListsPanelChange function(panelVisible) - audio lists panel change handle
    onThemeChange function(theme) - theme change handle
    onModeChange function(mode) - mode change handle
    onAudioListsSortEnd function(oldIndex,newIndex) - audio lists sort end handle, use SortableJS
    onAudioLyricChange function(lineNum, currentLyric) - audio lyric change handle
    getContainer () => HTMLElement | Selectors document.body Return the mount node for Music player
    getAudioInstance (instance: HTMLAudioElement) => void - get origin audio element instance , you can use it do everything
    autoHiddenCover boolean false Auto hide the cover photo if no cover photo is available
    onBeforeAudioDownload (audioInfo: ReactJkMusicPlayerAudioInfo) => Promise<TransformedDownloadAudioInfo> - transform download audio info before
    clearPriorAudioLists boolean false Replace a new playlist with the first loaded playlist,
    autoPlayInitLoadPlayList boolean false Play your new play list right after your new play list is loaded turn false.
    spaceBar boolean false Play and pause audio through space bar (Desktop effective).
    showDestroy boolean false Destroy player button display
    onBeforeDestroy function(currentPlayId,audioLists,audioInfo) - custom destroy handler before
    onDestroyed function(currentPlayId,audioLists,audioInfo) - player destroyed handle
    customDownloader function(downloadInfo: TransformedDownloadAudioInfo) - custom download handle
    onCoverClick function(mode,audioLists,audioInfo) - audio cover clicked handle
    onPlayIndexChange function(playIndex) - audio play index change handle
    quietUpdate boolean false Detail
    renderAudioTitle (audioInfo, isMobile) => ReactNode - use locale.audioTitle to set audio tag title, the api can render custom jsx element for display
    mobileMediaQuery string (max-width: 768px) and (orientation : portrait) custom mobile media query string, eg use the mobile version UI on iPad.
    volumeFade { fadeIn: number(ms), fadeOut: number(ms) } - audio fade in and out. Detail
    sortableOptions object {swap: true, animation: 100, swapClass: 'audio-lists-panel-sortable-highlight-bg'} SortableJs Options
    restartCurrentOnPrev boolean false Restarts the current track when trying to play previous song, if the current time of the song is more than 1 second

    💡 Custom operation ui

    Support feature:

    • play
    • pause
    • reload
    • change play time
    • change playback rate
    • change volume
    • destroy audio player
    • toggle play
    • clear audio list
    • toggle play
    • play next audio
    • play prev audio
    • play audio by custom play index
    • update play index
    • SortableJS methods
    class App extends React.Component {
      constructor() {
        this.audioInstance = null
      render() {
        return (
              getAudioInstance={(instance) => {
                this.audioInstance = instance
            <button onClick={() =>}>play</button>
            <button onClick={() => this.audioInstance.pause()}>pause</button>
            <button onClick={() => this.audioInstance.load()}>reload</button>
            <button onClick={() => this.audioInstance.currentTime = 40}>
              change current play time
            <button onClick={() => this.audioInstance.playbackRate = 2}>
              change play back rate
            <button onClick={() => this.audioInstance.volume = 0.2}>
              change volume
            <button onClick={() => this.audioInstance.destroy()}>
              destroy player
            <button onClick={}>toggle play</button>
            <button onClick={}>clear audio lists</button>
            <button onClick={}>play next</button>
            <button onClick={}>play prev</button>
            <button onClick={() =>}>play by index</button>
            <button onClick={() =>}>
              update play index

    💡 Glass bg

    <ReactJkMusicPlayer glassBg />

    glass-1 glass-2

    💡 Custom downloader

    Default use downloadjs, you can use any download library

    eg., or use download attribute

    const customDownloader = (downloadInfo) => {
      const link = document.createElement('a')
      link.href = downloadInfo.src // a.mp3 = downloadInfo.filename || 'test'
      audioLists={[{ src: 'a.mp3' }]}
    // use onBeforeAudioDownload
    const onBeforeAudioDownload = () => {
      return Promise.resolve({
        src: '1.mp3',
    const customDownloader = (downloadInfo) => {
      console.log(downloadInfo.src) // 1.mp3

    💡 Destroy player

    const onBeforeDestroy = (currentPlayId, audioLists, audioInfo) => {
      return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        // your custom validate
        if (window.confirm('Are you confirm destroy the player?')) {
          // if resolve, player destroyed
        } else {
          // if reject, skip.
    const onDestroyed = (currentPlayId, audioLists, audioInfo) => {
      console.log('onDestroyed:', currentPlayId, audioLists, audioInfo)

    💡 Media session

    // so cool, so easy !!!
    <ReactJkMusicPlayer showMediaSession />

    💡 Internationalization

    Version: 4.11.0


    import Locale from 'react-jinke-music-player/lib/config/locale'
    // Two languages are provided by default
    // one of zh_CN | en_US
    <ReactJkMusicPlayer locale={Locale.zh_CN}/>
    // <ReactJkMusicPlayer locale={'en_US'}/>
    // Custom override
    const customLocale = {
      playModeText: {
        order: '',
        orderLoop: '',
        singleLoop: '',
        shufflePlay: ''
      openText: '',
      closeText: '',
      emptyText: '',
      clickToPlayText: '',
      clickToPauseText: '',
      nextTrackText: '',
      previousTrackText: '',
      reloadText: '',
      volumeText: '',
      playListsText: '',
      toggleLyricText: '',
      toggleMiniModeText: '',
      destroyText: '',
      downloadText: '',
      lightThemeText: '',
      darkThemeText: '',
      switchThemeText: '',
      removeAudioListsText: '',
      controllerTitle: '',
      emptyLyricText: '',
      clickToDeleteText: (name) => ``,
      audioTitle: ''
      // audioTitle: (audioInfo) => ``
    <ReactJkMusicPlayer locale={customLocale}/>
    // Support partial override, auto merge
    <ReactJkMusicPlayer locale={{ audioTitle: "xxx" }}/>

    💡 Customize Theme

    import ReactJkMusicPlayer from 'react-jinke-music-player'
    import 'react-jinke-music-player/lib/styles/index.less'
    @primary-color: #31c27c;
    @default-color: #d9d9d9;
    @bg-color: #f7f8fa;
    @border-color: #d9d9d9;
    @panel-bg-light: #fff;
    @controller-bg-light: #fff;
    @music-player-panel-height: 80px;
    @lists-panel-width: 480px;
    @lists-panel-height: 410px;
    @lists-panel-item-bg: #40444b;
    @lists-panel-item-bg-light: #fff;
    @panel-header-height: 50px;
    @panel-bg: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7);
    @font-color: #444;
    @player-width: 80px;
    @player-height: @player-width;
    @base-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6);
    @common-animate-type: cubic-bezier(0.43, -0.1, 0.16, 1.1);
    @common-animate-time: 350ms @common-animate-type;
    @progress-load-bar-bg-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.11);
    @progress-load-bar-bg-color-light: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.06);
    @progress-bar-bg-color-light: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.09);
    @progress-bar-bg-color-dark: #fff;
    @player-lyric-color: @primary-color;
    @player-lyric-font-size: 36px;
    @player-lyric-font-size-mobile: 16px;
    @player-lyric-z-index: 999;

    Customize in webpack

    // webpack.config.js
    module.exports = {
      rules: [{
        test: /\.less$/,
        use: [
          loader: 'less-loader',
    +     options: {
    +       modifyVars: {
    +         'primary-color': '#444',
    +         // or
    +         'hack': `true; @import "your-less-file-path.less";`, // Override with less file
    +       },
    +       javascriptEnabled: true,
    +     },

    Customize in less file

    @import 'react-jinke-music-player/lib/styles/index.less';
    @import 'your-theme-file.less';

    💡 Customize audio duration

    Default: by, if cannot get current play audio's duration, you can customize to set.

    <ReactJkMusicPlayer audioLists={[{
      duration: 100.00
    }]} />

    💡 Customize player icon

    export interface ReactJkMusicPlayerIcon {
      pause?: React.ReactNode | string
      play?: React.ReactNode | string
      destroy?: React.ReactNode | string
      close?: React.ReactNode | string
      delete?: React.ReactNode | string
      download?: React.ReactNode | string
      toggle?: React.ReactNode | string
      lyric?: React.ReactNode | string
      volume?: React.ReactNode | string
      mute?: React.ReactNode | string
      next?: React.ReactNode | string
      prev?: React.ReactNode | string
      playLists?: React.ReactNode | string
      reload?: React.ReactNode | string
      loop?: React.ReactNode | string
      order?: React.ReactNode | string
      orderLoop?: React.ReactNode | string
      shuffle?: React.ReactNode | string
      loading?: React.ReactNode | string

    💡 Follow the theme of the system

    <ReactJkMusicPlayer theme="auto" />


    💡 Quiet update

     * Don't interrupt current playing state when audio list updated
     * eg. (A) is current playing...
     * [A,B] => [A,C,B]
     * [A,B] => [A,B,C]
     * if (A) not in updated audio lists
     * [A,B] => [C]
     * (C) is playing
    function App() {
      const [audioLists, setAudioLists] = useState([
        { musicSrc: 'A' },
        { musicSrc: 'B' },
      useEffect(() => {
        setTimeout(() => {
          setAudioLists([{ musicSrc: 'A' }, { musicSrc: 'C' }, { musicSrc: 'B' }])
        }, 1000)
      }, [setAudioLists])
      return (

    💡 Import in browser

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
        <div id="root"></div>
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src=""></script>

    💡 Server-Side Rendering

    // components/Player.js
    import React from 'react'
    import ReactJkMusicPlayer from 'react-jinke-music-player'
    import styles from 'react-jinke-music-player/assets/index.module.css'
    export const Player = () => <ReactJkMusicPlayer />
    // pages/_app.js
    import dynamic from 'next/dynamic'
    const PlayerWithNoSSR = dynamic(() => import('../components/Player'), {
      ssr: false,

    💡 Customize mobile media query

    eg. Use mobile UI on a iPad device

    // Default '(max-width: 768px) and (orientation : portrait)'
    <ReactJkMusicPlayer mobileMediaQuery="(max-width: 1024px)" />

    💡 Audio volume fade in and fade out

    <ReactJkMusicPlayer volumeFade={{ fadeIn: 500, fadeOut: 500 }} />

    📝 Development

    git clone
    yarn # npm install
    yarn start # npm start
    open `http://localhost:8084/`

    Test case

    npm run test

    💡 AudioListProps

    Like This

    interface ReactJkMusicPlayerAudioListProps {
      name: string | React.ReactNode,
      musicSrc: string | () => Promise<string>,
      cover: string,
      singer?: string | React.ReactNode,
      duration?: number,
      lyric?: string,
      [key: string]: any

    💡 AudioInfo

    Like This

    interface ReactJkMusicPlayerAudioInfo {
      cover: string
      currentTime: number
      duration: number
      ended: boolean
      musicSrc: string
      muted: boolean
      name: string
      networkState: number
      paused: boolean
      played: any
      readyState: number
      startDate: any
      volume: number
      lyric: string
      [key: string]: any

    👬 Contributors

    Special thanks: @JeffreyCA

    📄 License



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