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Classify the things in your world and how they interact.

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abstract validation tests, for re-usabilty.


A plain object with

  • validation per property
  • validation per whole object (e.g. values must not match)
  • observable, emit change events


  • validation (e.g. all files in a collection exist)

nature module

provides extra features on models and collections..

  • test valid: nature.isValid(model)

  • group:, [ "name", "type" ], "groupA")

  • mixin: nature.merge(commandLineArgs, fileArgs)

  • extract: nature.where(model, "fileArgs")

  • create

    var argv = nature.create([ { name: "one", alias: "a" }, { name: "files", alias: "a", required: true, defaultOption: true }, { name: "verbose", type: "boolean" } ]);