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natman forwards external public ports to internal ports without router access.

It's a Network Address Translation Management tool built on node.js


 npm install natman -g


 natman open <internal private port> <requested public port>

Open internal port 8000 to the world

 natman open 8000

Note: If no requested public port is specified, public port will be auto-assigned

Open internal port 8000 to the world on port 9000

natman open 8000 9000

Note: If the requested public port is not available, one will be auto-assigned

Built in services

For convenience, Natman comes with a configurable list of built in services. You can customize this list by modifying the natman.json file.

Simple type: natman open <service> <requested public port>.

 natman open ssh
 natman open http
 natman open https
 natman open ftp

Specify Network Gateway

Natman attempts to guess which network to use. If it guesses wrong, use the -g flag to specify a gateway.


 natman open ssh -g


To TooTallNate for making the node nat-pmp module and to Flatiron for making this easy to build.


  • Add ability to run multiple instances of CLI tool at once
  • Add better support for determining the local network interface gateway
  • Improve CLI Experience

*nananananananana Natman!