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NativeScript plugin for LivePerson LiveEngage

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This is a plugin to show the conversation from a LiveEngage chat, using the LP-Messaging SDK (Android v3.6.0, iOS v3.6.0).



Run the following command from the root of your project:

npm install nativescript-live-engage


At the launch of your app call initializeChat with your credentials (our example main.ts):

LiveEngage.getInstance().initializeChat('12345678', 'com.example.myapp');


  1. Set the minSdkVersion to at least 19, in your AndroidManifest.xml and app.gradle.

  2. Include the following dependencies in the include.gradle file of your app:

      compile ""
      compile ""
      compile ""
      compile ''
      compile ''
      compile 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2'
      compile 'com.neovisionaries:nv-websocket-client:1.31'
      compile 'com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:3.6.0'


You need to enable keychain sharing, to do this we need a custom entitlements file with a keychain-access-groups key.

Add nativescript-custom-entitlements to your devDependencies and create a new entitlements file like our example app.entitlements.


To open the chat window call showChat:


Optional functions

Setting customer information

Add the first name, last name, nick name, avatar url or phone number of a user.

const chatProfile: ChatProfile = {
          firstName: 'Jane',
          lastName: 'Doe',
          nickName: 'JD',
          phone: '0132100000',
          avatarUrl: ''


Add a JWT for oAuth support when starting a conversation. Make sure you configure the Live Person data source to support the oAuth 2 authentication in terms of Live person public keys, Signing identities and possible (custom) claims definitions. Make sure to call this method before you start the conversation.

LiveEngage.getInstance().setAuthenticationCode('<JWT encoded token string>');

Hiding chat

When you want to hide the chat window programmatically call closeChat().


Logging Out

When you want to remove all user data and unregister for push notifications call killChat().

            .then(() => {
                console.log('killChat success');
            }).catch((error: any) => {
                console.log('killChat error', error);

Push Notifications

To recieve push notifications when the agent sends a new message you need to send the push token to LivePerson. When you have a push token (FCM for Android and APNS for iOS) you can send it to LivePerson using registerPushToken


Parsing message on Android

To parse the push notification message on android in onMessageReceived() in your FirebaseMessagingService, use parsePushMessage(). This will return a PushMessageParser object which has the method getMessage() to return the title of the push message.

try {
    const message = LiveEngage.getInstance().parsePushMessage(data);
} catch (e) {
    console.error("Failed to parse message:", e);

Getting unread message count

To get the total amount of unread messages, use getUnreadMessagesCount(). This will only work when push notifications are enabled.

LiveEngage.getInstance().getUnreadMessagesCount((count: number) => {
    console.log('Unread messages:', count);
}, (error: any) => {
    console.log('Failed to get count: ', error);

Close window callback on iOS

To get notified when the conversation was dismissed, you can provide a callback when opening the chat on iOS:

LiveEngage.getInstance().showChat(() => {
    console.log('Chat window was closed');

Development setup

For easier development and debugging purposes continue with the following steps:

Open a command prompt/terminal, navigate to src folder and run npm run demo.ios or npm run to run the demo.

Now go and make a change to your plugin. It will be automatically applied to the demo project.

Clean plugin and demo files

Sometimes you may need to wipe away all generated folders to reinstall them fresh. Run npm run clean to wipe those clean then you can can run plugin.prepare to install fresh dependencies.

Sometimes you just need to wipe out the demo's platforms, node_modules and hooks directory only. Run npm run demo.reset to delete those.

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