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InAppBrowser for NativeScript

Chrome Custom Tabs for Android & SafariServices/AuthenticationServices for iOS.

Getting started

tns plugin add nativescript-inappbrowser


Methods Action
open Opens the url with Safari in a modal on iOS using SFSafariViewController, and Chrome in a new custom tab on Android. On iOS, the modal Safari will not share cookies with the system Safari.
close Dismisses the system's presented web browser.
openAuth Opens the url with Safari in a modal on iOS using SFAuthenticationSession/ASWebAuthenticationSession, and Chrome in a new custom tab on Android. On iOS, the user will be asked whether to allow the app to authenticate using the given url (OAuth flow with deep linking redirection).
closeAuth Dismisses the current authentication session.
isAvailable Detect if the device supports this plugin.

iOS Options

Property Description
dismissButtonStyle (String) The style of the dismiss button. [done/close/cancel]
preferredBarTintColor (String) The color to tint the background of the navigation bar and the toolbar. [white/#FFFFFF]
preferredControlTintColor (String) The color to tint the control buttons on the navigation bar and the toolbar. [gray/#808080]
readerMode (Boolean) A value that specifies whether Safari should enter Reader mode, if it is available. [true/false]
animated (Boolean) Animate the presentation. [true/false]
modalPresentationStyle (String) The presentation style for modally presented view controllers. [automatic/none/fullScreen/pageSheet/formSheet/currentContext/custom/overFullScreen/overCurrentContext/popover]
modalTransitionStyle (String) The transition style to use when presenting the view controller. [coverVertical/flipHorizontal/crossDissolve/partialCurl]
modalEnabled (Boolean) Present the SafariViewController modally or as push instead. [true/false]
enableBarCollapsing (Boolean) Determines whether the browser's tool bars will collapse or not. [true/false]

Android Options

Property Description
showTitle (Boolean) Sets whether the title should be shown in the custom tab. [true/false]
toolbarColor (String) Sets the toolbar color. [gray/#808080]
secondaryToolbarColor (String) Sets the color of the secondary toolbar. [white/#FFFFFF]
enableUrlBarHiding (Boolean) Enables the url bar to hide as the user scrolls down on the page. [true/false]
enableDefaultShare (Boolean) Adds a default share item to the menu. [true/false]
animations (Object) Sets the start and exit animations. [{ startEnter, startExit, endEnter, endExit }]
headers (Object) The data are key/value pairs, they will be sent in the HTTP request headers for the provided url. [{ 'Authorization': 'Bearer ...' }]
forceCloseOnRedirection (Boolean) Open Custom Tab in a new task to avoid issues redirecting back to app scheme. [true/false]


import { openUrl } from 'tns-core-modules/utils/utils'
import { alert } from 'tns-core-modules/ui/dialogs'
import InAppBrowser from 'nativescript-inappbrowser'
  openLink = async () => {
    try {
      const url = ''
      if (await InAppBrowser.isAvailable()) {
        const result = await, {
          // iOS Properties
          dismissButtonStyle: 'cancel',
          preferredBarTintColor: '#453AA4',
          preferredControlTintColor: 'white',
          readerMode: false,
          animated: true,
          modalPresentationStyle: 'fullScreen',
          modalTransitionStyle: 'partialCurl',
          modalEnabled: true,
          enableBarCollapsing: false,
          // Android Properties
          showTitle: true,
          toolbarColor: '#6200EE',
          secondaryToolbarColor: 'black',
          enableUrlBarHiding: true,
          enableDefaultShare: true,
          forceCloseOnRedirection: false,
          // Specify full animation resource identifier(package:anim/name)
          // or only resource name(in case of animation bundled with app).
          animations: {
            startEnter: 'slide_in_right',
            startExit: 'slide_out_left',
            endEnter: 'slide_in_left',
            endExit: 'slide_out_right'
          headers: {
            'my-custom-header': 'my custom header value'
          title: 'Response',
          message: JSON.stringify(result),
          okButtonText: 'Ok'
      else {
    catch(error) {
        title: 'Error',
        message: error.message,
        okButtonText: 'Ok'

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Nathanael Anderson

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