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    Never have to switch between yarn, npm, and pnpm commands ever again.

    narn is a CLI that detects whether your current npm package is using npm, yarn, or pnpm. It then spawns the correct one with the correct arguments. The arguments to narn itself are exactly the same as if you're using yarn. The command will be converted to npm or pnpm's syntax if the current package is managed by npm / pnpm.


    npm i -g narn
    yarn global add narn
    pnpm i -g narn


    If you run narn upgrade-interactive on a project managed by npm, you'll need to globally install ncu.

    If you run narn publish on a project managed by npm, you'll need to globally install np.


    # To install from package.json
    narn # or narn install
    # To add new package
    narn add react
    # To remove a package
    narn remove react
    # Add a dev dependency
    narn add --dev webpack
    narn add -D webpack
    # Run a script from the package.json
    narn test
    narn build
    # Publish with interactive UI
    narn publish
    # Upgrade dependencies with interactive ui
    narn upgrade-interactive
    narn upgrade-interactive --latest
    # Install global library. All global libs are installed with yarn (since the most important thing is just that you consistently use the same package manager for global libs)
    narn global add @vue/cli
    # yarn create single-spa is similar to npm init single-spa
    narn create single-spa
    # View the installed versions of narn and yarn/npm
    narn -v
    narn --version
    # global commands are supported too
    narnx global add http-server
    narnx global remove http-server
    # Run npx / pnpx
    narnx create-single-spa

    For more usage, see the Yarn CLI docs - narn's cli is meant to behave exactly the same.

    Default Package Manager

    To set the default package manager that's used in projects that don't have a yarn.lock, pnpm-lock.yaml, or package-lock.json, set the NARN_DEFAULT_PM environment variable. You can also add this to your bashrc (or equivalent) to ensure the variable is always there.

    export NARN_DEFAULT_PM=pnpm

    Publish behavior

    By default, narn uses np on npm and pnpm projects. However, np doesn't support pnpm. Because of that, it might be desireable to turn off np as the handler for npm publish. To disable np, set the following environment variable:

    export NARN_PUBLISH=passthrough
    narn publish




    npm i narn

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