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    naps (node apps)

    A "node apps" management utility. It assumes:

    • Nginx
    • Mongo DB


    npm install -g naps


    Copy the example config file in /etc

    What it does

    Naps is used to:

    • Generate a config file suitable for Nginx as a reverse proxy
    • Allocate local ports for the defined apps
    • Set a sane (overridable) environment for the app to run into
    • Set which user the app will run under
    • Run and stop defined apps
    • List all applications marked as startable
    • Run and stop all defined apps
    • Deploy a "development" environment, archiving the current "production" one away
    • Ensure that all apps that are meant to be running actually are running, by checking if the port they are meant to listen to are actually taken
    • Copy the database from production to development
    • Restart Nginx
    • Run mongo on the right database given an appName
    • Check the error logs constantly, sending an email with the new contents to admins if they grow
    • Restart automatically a server (in a debouncing fashion) if files are modified, especially useful in development environments


    Naps is the holy grail of node app management when used with NginX as reverse proxy.

    Your init script will typically contain:

    naps reset                                   # Clean up
    naps startall forever >> /var/log/naps.log & # Start all apps
    naps watchall         >> /var/log/naps.log & # Restart on change
    naps logcheck         >> /var/log/naps.log & # Email if error log grows

    Usage: naps help This help screen

    naps config or naps c
    Display all of the config entries
    naps config write
    Write the expanded nginx config onto the CONF file
    naps reset
    Cleans out all lock files in /var/naps used to know what apps are running
    Typically run before 'naps startall forever' at boot time
    naps list or naps l
    List all apps, showing the ones that have started
    (Output is always timestamped, log-like output)
    naps start <app-name> [forever]
    Start a specific app. NOTE: all console messages are timestamped and
    paired to the started process.
    If <forever> is passed, naps will monitor the app and make sure that
    it's restarted when needed.
    If the node server outputs one line with 'NAPS: DEAFENING', it's assumed
    that it no longer listens to its assigned port.
    Note that the node instance's logs are in $LOGDIR/$APPNAME-out.log
    and $LOGDIR/$APPNAME-err.log
    naps stop <app-name>
    Stop a specific app
    naps kill <app-name> [delay]
    Kill a specific app by sending a SIGKILL
    If <delay> is passed, naps will wait <delay> milliseconds before killing
    naps watch <appname>
    Will watch the app's directory, restart the app if anything changes
    (Will run naps itself as a background process; will run one different
    naps process per app) 
    naps startall [forever]
    Start all startable apps
    naps stopall
    Stop all startable apps
    naps killall [delay]
    kill all startable apps by sending a SIGKILL
    naps watchall
    Watch all startable apps marked as 'development'
    naps logcheck
    Will check the error logs and inform the admin if more entries are added
    Error logs are assumed to be in $LOGDIR/$APPNAME-err.log
    naps logs <app-name> [err]
    Will show node logs for that app. Will display stdout by default.
    If 'err' is added, it will display the node instance's stderr
    naps deploy <development-app> <production-app>
    Will overwrite development app onto production one, archiving production
    Files under public/f will be spared
    naps dbprod2dev <production-app> <development-app>
    Copy database from production app to development. DEVEL DB WILL BE ZAPPED.
    naps nginx-restart or naps nr
    Restart nginx
    naps dbadmin <app>
    Starts a mongo shell on <app>'s database, passing the admin's password



    npm i naps

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