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    nanvc - Not Another Node Vault Client

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    This is a Vault client written in typescript.

    Table of contents


    # requires nodejs >= 14
    npm install nanvc --save

    How to use it

    The VaultClient constructor takes three optional arguments:

    • vault cluster address - if not passed in, defaults to NANVC_VAULT_CLUSER_ADDRESS environment variable otherwise it will take '' value
    • vault auth token - if not passed in, defaults to NANVC_VAULT_AUTH_TOKEN env. variable, otherwise will be set to null
    • vault api version - if not passed in, defaults to NANVC_VAULT_API_VERSION environment variable, otherwise is set internaly to 'v1'


    var VaultClient = require('nanvc');
    var vault = new VaultClient('http://vault.local:8200');
            secret_shares: 1, 
            secret_threshold: 1 
        .then(function (result) { // unseal vault
            console.log("Unsealing vault");
            if (!result.succeeded) {
                throw new Error(result.errorMessage);
            var keys = result.apiResponse.keys;
            vault.token = result.apiResponse.root_token;
            return vault.unseal({
                secret_shares: 1,
                key: keys[0]
        .then(function (response) { // write a secret
            console.log("Writing a secret");
            return vault.write(
                '/secret/my-app/my-secret', { 
                    'foo': 'my-password' 
        .then(function(response) { // update a secret
            console.log("Updating secret");
            return vault.update(
                '/secret/my-app/my-secret', { 
                    'foo': 'my-updated-password' 
        .then(function(response){ // read a secret
            console.log("Reading a secret");
        .then(function(response){ // delete a secret
            console.log("Deleting a secret");
            return vault.delete('/secret/my-app/my-secret');
        .then(function(response){ // handle delete response 


    import VaultClient from "nanvc";
    let vault = new VaultClient('http://vault.local:8200');
    async function main() {
        try {
            let initResponse = await vault.init({
                secret_shares: 1,
                secret_threshold: 1
            if (initResponse.succeeded) {
                vault.token = initResponse.apiResponse.root_token;
                let unsealResponse = await vault.unseal({
                    secret_shares: 1,
                    key: initResponse.apiResponse.keys[0]
                if (!unsealResponse.succeeded) {
                    throw new Error(unsealResponse.errorMessage);
            } else {
                throw new Error(initResponse.errorMessage);
            // write a secret
            let writeSecretResponse = await vault.write('/secret/my-app/my-secret', { 'foo': 'my-password' });
            // update a secret
            let updateSecretResponse = await vault.update('/secret/my-app/my-secret', { 'foo': 'my-updated-password' });
            // read a secret
            let mySecretQueryResponse = await'/secret/my-app/my-secret');
            let mySecret = mySecretQueryResponse.succeeded &&;
            // delete a secret
            let mySecretDeleteQueryResponse = await vault.delete('/secret/my-app/my-secret');
            let mySecretIsDeleted = mySecretDeleteQueryResponse.succeeded;
        } catch (e) {
            throw (e);

    What is supported

    Vault Rest API Call Http Method Client Library Method Tested
    /:path GET string) Yes
    /:path POST VaultClient.write(secretPath: string, secretData: object) Yes
    /:path PUT VaultClient.update(secretPath: string, secretData: object) Yes
    /:path DELETE VaultClient.delete(secretPath: string) Yes
    /:path LIST VaultClient.list(path: string) Yes
    /sys/audit GET VaultClient.audits() Yes
    /sys/audit/:name PUT VaultClient.enableAudit(auditName: string) Yes
    /sys/audit/:name DELETE VaultClient.disableAudit(auditName: string) Yes
    /sys/audit-hash/:path POST VaultClient.auditHash(path: string, payload: object) Yes
    /sys/auth GET VaultClient.auths() Yes
    /sys/auth POST VaultClient.enableAuth(path: string, payload: object) Yes
    /sys/auth DELETE VaultClient.disableAuth(path: string) Yes
    /sys/capabilities POST N/A N/A
    /sys/capabilities-accessor POST N/A N/A
    /sys/capabilities-self POST N/A N/A
    /sys/config/auditing GET N/A N/A
    /sys/config/control-group GET N/A N/A
    /sys/config/cors GET N/A N/A
    /sys/control-group POST N/A N/A
    /sys/generate-root GET N/A N/A
    /sys/health HEAD N/A N/A
    /sys/health GET N/A N/A
    /sys/init GET VaultClient.isInitialized() Yes
    /sys/init PUT VaultClient.init(initData: object) Yes
    /sys/key-status GET N/A N/A
    /sys/leader GET N/A N/A
    /sys/leases PUT N/A N/A
    /sys/leases LIST N/A N/A
    /sys/license GET N/A N/A
    /sys/mfa N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/mounts GET VaultClient.mounts() Yes
    /sys/mounts/:mount_point POST VaultClient.mount(path: string, mountOptions: object) Yes
    /sys/mounts/:mount_point DELETE VaultClient.unmount(path: string) Yes
    /sys/mounts/:mount_point/tune POST N/A N/A
    /sys/plugins/reload/backend PUT N/A N/A
    /sys/plugins/catalog LIST N/A N/A
    /sys/plugins/catalog/:catalog_name PUT N/A N/A
    /sys/plugins/catalog/:catalog_name GET N/A N/A
    /sys/plugins/catalog/:catalog_name DELETE N/A N/A
    /sys/policy GET VaultClient.policies() No
    /sys/policy PUT VaultClient.addPolicy(policyName: string, policyData: obkect ) No
    /sys/policy DELETE VaultClient.removePolicy(policyName: string) No
    /sys/policies N/A N/A N/a
    /sys/raw N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/rekey N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/rekey-recovery-key N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/remount POST VaultClient.remount(remountData: object) Yes
    /sys/replication N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/rotate N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/seal PUT VaultClient.seal() Yes
    /sys/seal-status GET VaultClient.status() Yes
    /sys/step-down N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/tools N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/unseal PUT VaultClient.unseal(unsealData: object) Yes
    /sys/wrapping/lookup N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/wrapping/rewrap N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/wrapping/unwrap N/A N/A N/A
    /sys/wrapping/wrap N/A N/A N/A

    TODO list

    • [x] Better documentation(API, more samples, what is supported and what is NOT)
    • [ ] Full support for "System Backend Commands"
    • [x] Typescript declarations - it will bring IDE intellisense for tools like Vscode, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, etc


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