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nanotiming stability

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Small timing library. Useful to integrate into libraries that have multiple methods. Works both in the browser and Node. To use this in Node, make sure you are using v8.5.0 or greater.


var nanotiming = require('nanotiming')
// require 'perf_hooks' for Node environment
// var performance = require('perf_hooks').performance
var timing = nanotiming('my-loop') // Start profiling
var i = 1000
while (--i) console.log(i)
// Stop profiling
// in the browser
var timings = window.performance.getEntries()
var timing = timings[timings.length - 1]
console.log(, timing.duration) // log the last entry
window.performance.clearMeasures(    // be a good citizen and free after use
// in Node 
var timings = performance.getEntries()
var timing = timings[timings.length - 1]
console.log(, timing.duration) // log the last entry
performance.clearMeasures(    // be a good citizen and free after use

Timing names

Timings inside the view are appended with a unique UUID so they can be cleared individually. While there's no strict format for timing formats, we recommend using a format along these lines:

choo.render [12356778]
choo.route('/') [13355671]
choo.emit('log:debug') [13355675]

Disabling timings

Performance timers are still a somewhat experimental technology. While they're a great idea conceptually, there might be bugs. To disable timings complete, in the browser set:

window.localStorage.DISABLE_NANOTIMING = true

Alternatively, in Node set:

process.env.DISABLE_NANOTIMING = true


endTiming = nanotiming(name)

Start a new timing.


The unique ID created for the timing.

endTiming([cb(err, name)])

Close the timing. Measuring the timing is done inside a requestIdleCallback() (browser) or setTimeout (node) tick, so it might not be available immediately. If a callback is passed it will be called with an error (if measuring wasn't successful) and the timing's name.