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nanoprobe: A nice Node.js Version Utility

A CLI to help better understand the massive amount of information that surrounds Node.js versions.


nanoprobe [command] [args]
  nanoprobe deps <version>        Expose the versions of Node.js's dependencies
                                  at a specific version. Defaults to the latest
                                  version in an incomplete semver string.
  nanoprobe latest [releaseLine]  List the latest versions of Node.js
  nanoprobe safe [version]        Lets  you know whether or not you are running
                                  a version of Node.js with zero known
  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
  -v, --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]


nanoprobe deps

nanoprobe deps 12.0.0 # see a fancy output of deps for v12.0.0 
nanoprobe deps 10.15.0 --json # see the information as JSON 
nanoprobe deps 6.12.0 --plain # see a very plain, human-readable output rather than a fancy one 

nanoprobe latest

nanoprobe latest # will return the most recent Currrent release 
nanoprobe latest v10 # will return the latest release in the Node.js v10.x release line 
nanoprobe latest --json # see the information as JSON 
nanoprobe latest --ci # exits as a 1 or a 0 

nanoprobe safe

nanoprobe safe # will tell you if you're currently running a safe version of Node.js or not 
nanoprobe safe v9
nanoprobe safe v10.14
nanoprobe safe 10.14.0 ## will tell you if node@10.14.0 is safe 
nanoprobe safe --json # JSON output of the vulnerability data, if any 
nanoprobe safe --ci # exits 0 or 1 depending on if there are or are not vulnerabilities, respectively 
nanoprobe safe --plain # plain (rather than formatted) human-readable output 


  • nanoprobe safe
    • tell you if your current Node.js version is secure.
    • add ci flag that will process.exit(0) if you're not secure.
    • add flag that allows you to pass a version or array of security releases to ignore
      • should only change the exit code, and should still warn that you are running insecure versions.
  • make all data exposed by commands consumable if the module is require()'d
    • we will likely want to split out an underlying module and then make the CLI consume the module
  • nanoprobe lts
    • expose LTS data
    • expose LTS EOL if possible?
  • nanoprobe update
    • print all ways to update to the latest version of the Node.js release line you're using
    • pass a flag that allows you to filter output
      • for example, nanoprobe update --type=docker/nanoprobe update --type=nvm or nanoprobe update --docker/nanoprobe update --nvm
  • crerate helper that parses the version we're checking in various commands
    • returns an object that includes various acceptable inputs (v12.1.0, 12.1.0) as well as all semver ranges that apply and their varients (v12.1, 12.1, v12, 12)
      • this would allow us to remove our require of semver in both deps and safe, in addition to future commands.
    • could also parse keywords like latest, current, and possibly lts
  • Improve consistency
    • Make version passing consistent (currently latest and safe have different requirements for version arguments)
  • Find a way test every command and every flag by running them as a part of our tests
  • Add // @ts-check to all code files and resolve problems if they exist.
  • Tests
  • Better README.md


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