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nanoirc is a very simple console IRC client based on node-irc IRC library.

All the messages of the channels joined are displayed in the console. The user can choice the channel pressing tab: the list of the channels is displayed. Then the user can add the message and press enter to send it. The user may send another message to that channel without prefixing it again with the name of the channel: the message is sent to the last channel used.

The messages are displayed with time, channel and user info. If a message contains the nick of the user, it is displayed in red.


To install with npm:

npm install -g nanoirc

Tested with Node.js v7.x.


nanoirc reads a file in the HOME directory: .nanoirc.json.

The configuration file contains the server, the channels, the nickname info and the colors to use.

For instance,

    "server": "",
    "nick": "mynick",
    "password": "mypassword",
    "showJoinMessages": false,
    "showPartMessages": false,
    "channels": {
        "": [
        "": [
    "colors": {
        "timestamp": "yellow",
        "channel": "yellow",
        "user": "green",
        "mentions": "red"

Then you can start the client:


You can connect to a server other than the one in .nanoirc.json with:

nanoirc <servername>

For example, nanoirc will connect to and join all of the channels in the channels: { [...]} section of your .nanoirc.json


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