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    Small and fast watch for files and directory changes and commands execution

    Global install:

    npm i -g nano-watcher

    Run watcher:


    In this case nano-watcher will search config file nano-watcher.json in all directories from current and up.

    nano-watcher -c ./path/to/config.json
    nano-watcher --config /path/to/config.json
    nano-watcher -c path/to/directory/with/nano-watcher.json/

    Local install:

    npm i nano-watcher

    Run watcher:

    ./node_modules/nano-watcher/bin/nano-watcher -c path/to/config.json

    VirtualBox share / mounted FS install:

    npm i nano-watcher --no-bin-links

    When running nano-watcher is watching and config file for changes and automatically reload it, so you don't need to restart nano-watcher for config reload.

    Config example:

        "interval": 200,
        "delay": "500",
        "cwd": "directory/to/run/",
        "sources": [
                "path": "../index.js",
                "command": {
                    "path": "./",
                    "name": "dist build",
                    "app": "node",
                    "args": ["build.js"]
                "path": "./client/app",
                "ext": ["coffee"],
                "command": {
                    "name": "coffee client",
                    "app": "coffee",
                    "args": [ "-m", "-b", "-c", {"data": "file"} ]
                "path": "./server",
                "ext": ["js"],
                "command": {
                    "name": "WS server",
                    "app": "node-debug",
                    "args": ["--no-preload", "--cli", "server.js"]

    interval - interval beetween checks of files change time

    delay - delay before commands run

    cwd - working directory, by default - same as config

    command - can be object or array of objects (several commands)

    If is empty - command output will be ommited.

    Restart logic:

    • Kill process tree, if first started process is still active
    • Sleep for delay ms
    • Run process (spawn) with arguments and selected directory

    This module was developed to be powerfull and small tool to run commands on files changes. Works in Virtual box and with mounted FS.

    CLI commads:

    --config, -c <path> — Load config, where path is *.json file of directory with nano-watcher.json file

    --json, -j {...} — Read config from *.json

    --interval, -i 200 — Interval in ms

    --delay, -d 500 — Restart delay in ms

    --cwd, -w <path> — Working directory

    --help, -h — Show this help

    --version, -v — Show version


    npm i nano-watcher

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