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    A JavaScript Library to get Nanakshahi Dates and Gurpurabs

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    The library can be imported into Node as below:

    const { getNanakshahiDate, getHolidaysForMonth, getMovableHoliday, getBikramiDate } = require( 'nanakshahi' )
    const date = new Date()
    getNanakshahiDate( date )
    getHolidaysForMonth( 1 )
    getMovableHoliday( 'gurunanak' )
    getBikramiDate( date )

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    getBikramiDate(gregorianDate) ⇒ Object

    Converts given Gregorian Date to the corresponding date in the Bikrami Calendar

    Returns: Object - Bikrami Solar and Lunar Date

    Param Type Description
    gregorianDate Object JavaScript Date() Object


    getBikramiDate( new Date() )

    getGregorianFromBikrami(year, year, tithi, [paksh]) ⇒ Object

    Converts Bikrami Lunar Date into the Gregorian Calendar (Accuracy of plus or minus 1 day)

    Returns: Object - Gregorian Date

    Param Type Default Description
    year number Bikrami Year
    year number Bikrami Month
    tithi number Bikrami Tithi
    [paksh] boolean false Lunar Paksh. Default is Sudi, true for Vadi.


    getGregorianFromBikrami( 1723, 9, 7 )

    getHolidaysForMonth(month) ⇒ Object

    Returns all Gurpurabs and Holidays for a Nanakshahi Month

    Returns: Object - Holidays for the month with Date and name in English and Punjabi

    Param Type Description
    month number Nanakshahi Month, 1-12


    getHolidaysForMonth( 1 )

    getMovableHoliday(holiday, [year]) ⇒ Object

    Returns Gregorian Date of Movable Holiday Movable Holidays List:

    • gurunanak Parkash Guru Nanak Dev Ji
    • bandishhorr Bandi Shhorr Divas / Diwali
    • holla Holla Mahalla
    • kabeer Birthday Bhagat Kabeer Ji
    • ravidaas Birthday Bhagat Ravidaas Ji
    • naamdev Birthday Bhagat Naamdev Ji

    Returns: Object - Holiday Date with Name in English and Punjabi

    Param Type Description
    holiday string Holiday which date will be calculated.
    [year] number Gregorian year, default is current year.


    getMovableHoliday( 'gurunanak' )

    getNanakshahiDate(gregorianDate) ⇒ Object

    Converts given Gregorian Date to the corresponding date in the Nanakshahi Calendar

    Returns: Object - Nanakshahi Date in English and Punjabi

    Param Type Description
    gregorianDate Object JavaScript Date() Object


    getNanakshahiDate( new Date() )


    We're happy to accept suggestions and pull requests!

    To get started, clone this repo and run npm install inside this directory.

    This repository follows the Airbnb's Javascript Style Guide, with a few minor modifications. Notably, spaces should be included inside parentheses and brackets (weird, right!). An ESLint file is provided, and your code will automatically be checked on-commit for style. It is recommended to install an ESLint plugin for your editor (VS Code's ESLint plugin works out of the box), so you can receive linter suggestions as you type.

    When writing commit messages, please follow the seven rules. Markdown and HTML JSDoc documentation is generated automatically, on commit, however if you'd like to preview any changes to documentation, npm run build-docs will update should not be edited, instead apply modifications to README.hbs.

    The general workflow for contributing:

    • Fork/create a new branch.
    • Write or update existing tests with expected results
    • Implement functions/changes
    • Add JSDoc function documentation and examples.
    • Run tests with npm test and ensure they all pass. Testing is done with the mocha testing framework.
    • Create a pull request with the changes.


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