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    NAMS (New Amazing Mock Server)


    NAMS is born for help people to easily mock request with ZERO config.
    Can be used for developing frontend graphic stuff and don't have an active backend server or used for testing like e2e, visual regression test etc etc
    NAMS is based on Fastify


    npm i --save-dev nams

    How it works

    The structure of Mocks folder need to be created for simulate url path and in the final folder need to have a json or javascript index file.
    When NAMS reach the last folder start to search a index.json file, if not exist start to search a index.js and try to exec the function passing down this params {request, reply, folderPath} and send the output.
    If u want to use the fastify hook preHandler you need to create a file called prehandler.js and put it in the same folder where index.[json/js] is located.


    1. Search prehandler.js and if present exec the function with this args: (request, reply, next)
    2. Search index.json file and if present send it for answer
    3. Search index.js file and if present exec the function with this args: {request, reply, folderPath} and send the function result for answer


    NAMS use fastify-session and u can use it on prehandler.js file. DOC LINK


    By default NAMS give a 404 code status when it can't find a file. If u want to mock only some request you can set your custom proxy. In this case when NAMS can't find a file, use your proxy address for retrieve the answer.

    Import and run

    Script side


    Rember: when your node script has finished use process.exit(1/0).

    Options Object

        port: custom NAMS port (DEFAULT: 4444),
        folderPath: path of a folder where files need to be present,
        proxy: if u want to proxy all 404 request insert here URL and automatically NAMS (if cannot find file) try to retreive API on external server


    |--- a/
    |    |--- index.js
    |--- b/
    |    |--- index.json
    |    |--- index.js
    |--- c/
    |    |--- index.json
    |    |--- prehandler.js
    |--- d/
         |--- e/
              |--- f/
                   |--- index.json  
    Request Response-Path
    /a /a/index.js
    /b /b/index.json
    /c /c/prehandler.js => /c/index.json
    /d/e/f /d/e/f/index.json

    Example prehandler.js

    module.exports = (request, reply, next) => {
        request.session.test = 'Insert here'

    Example index.js

    module.exports = (request, reply, next) => {
        // DO STUFF
        return {foo: "bar"}


    npm i nams

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