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Named Tuple

Named tuples are small immutable data structures which are easy to define and use. Inspiration comes from the Python collections module.


npm install --save named-tuple


const createNamedTuple = require('named-tuple')
const Point = createNamedTuple('Point', 'x', 'y')
const p = new Point(12, 16)
// Property access 
p.x // 12 
p.y // 16 
// Iterator 
[ ...] // [ 12, 16 ] 
// Keys & values 
Object.keys(p) // [ 'x', 'y' ] 
Object.values(p) // [ 12, 16 ] 
// Immutable 
p.x = 48 // TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'x' of #<Point> 
p.z = 64 // TypeError: Can't add property z, object is not extensible 
// Beautiful generated source 
// class Point { 
//   constructor (x, y) { 
//     this.x = x 
//     this.y = y 
//     Object.freeze(this) 
//   } 
// } 
// function* () { 
//   yield this.x 
//   yield this.y 
// } 


createNamedTuple(name, ...props)

Create a new named tuple with the provided class name (name) and instance properties (props). Returns the newly defined class.


When instantiating a new instance of a named tuple, the object immediately gets frozen using Object.freeze.

Nothing can be added to or removed from the properties set of a frozen object. Any attempt to do so will fail, either silently or by throwing a TypeError exception (most commonly, but not exclusively, when in strict mode).

Valid class- and property names

This module should be considered live source scaffolding and it won't do anything to try and validate your class- and property names. An invalid name could result in an error, or worse. Never use user supplied data to create the classes.