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Map names of movies/series to IMDB IDs

npm install name-to-imdb

Usage: nameToImdb(args, callback)

args - string of the name or object with name/year/type - { name: "The Devil Bat", year: 1940, type: "movie" }

args.strict - don't lookup Google / hintUrl to find an IMDB ID


var nameToImdb = require("name-to-imdb");
nameToImdb({ name: "south park" }, function(err, res, inf) { 
    console.log(res); // prints "tt0121955" 
    console.log(inf); // inf contains info on where we matched that name - e.g. locally, or on google 

Names dataset

The dataset of movie/series names is exported from Stremio's Cinemeta API and generated in names-dataset.json. This has to be updated from time to time.