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An enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation.


  • An enterprise-class graphical design language and framework for financial applications
  • Rich library of UI components base on React Component.
  • A Component development model based on React.
  • Backed by the npm ecosystem.
  • webpack-based debug builds supporting ES6


npm install antd

Usage example

  • Use all components

    import { Datepicker } from 'antd';
    ReactDOM.render(<Datepicker />, mountNode);
  • Use on demand

    import 'antd/lib/index.css'; // only need to import once in entry module
    import Datepicker from 'antd/lib/datepicker';
    ReactDOM.render(<Datepicker />, mountNode);

Browser Support

Normal browsers and Internet Explorer 8+.



We welcome all contributions, please submit any ideas as pull requests or as a GitHub issue.