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Nake is a Ruby Rake like tasks manager for NodeJS

Usage Basics

Nake provides you with some options how you can hook it up. First of all you can install Nake with npm

npm install nake

And after that create a Nakefile inside of your project

var Nake = require('nake');

Nake.task('taskname'[, 'description',] function() {
  // the task code in here

Then run nake command in the terminal

nake taskname

Call -h for the command line options

nake -h

Using Without NPM

If you don't have npm or want to use Nake as a standalone library, then just call Nake.start() the following way

var Nake = require('nake');


Nake.start(); // <- kicking in

After that just run your file with NodeJS

node ./myfile


You also can create namespaces for tasks by using the Nake.namespace call

Nake.namespace('boo', function() {
  Nake.task('task1', 'task1 description', function() {
    // task 2 code

  Nake.task('task2', 'task2 description', function() {
    // task 2 code

After that you'll have those tasks registered within the boo: namespace

nake boo:task1
nake boo:task2

Default Task

To specify a default task that should be executed if the nake tool was called without any options, specify the task name with the Nake.Default attribute

Nake.Default = 'task_name';

Invoking Other Tasks

You can invoke any tasks by name via the call'taskname');'taskname', true); // <- quiet run

Or you can save your tasks into local variables and run them directly

var task1 = Nake.task('name1', function() {});
var task2 = new Nake.Task('name2', function() {});;; // <- quiet run

Additionally you can run another task in the quiet mode but specify a step text

Nake.task('taskname', 'Doing something');'Doing something');

In this case 'nake' will run the task in quiet mode but will print out specified text as a step in the log of the currently working task.

Logging The Steps

And you also can report the steps that your task is currently working on

Nake.task('task', 'Task Description', function() {
  this.step('Doing something 1');
  // ....

  this.step('Doing something 2');
  // ....

  this.step('Doing something 3');
  // ....

This will result the following log in the console

== Task Description =======================================
 - Doing something 1
 - Doing something 2
 - Doing something 3


This project is released under the terms of the MIT license.

Copyright (C) 2011 Nikolay Nemshilov




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