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    naiveGPXlogger for SignalK License: CC BY-SA 4.0

    v. 0.0

    A simple plugin that just records a stream of coordinates to a .gpx file in the user-defined directory.


    • record points at a specified time interval or as coordinates arrive
    • recording points at a specified distance
    • creating a new segment when the position is lost during the specified time
    • one log for the whole trip or a separate log every day
    • server reboot resistance


    By end user

    Check and uncheck checkbox "Write log" on plugin configuration page in "Plugin Config" menu of SignalK web admin.
    The GaladrielMap can show a recordable file and has a switch in the interface to control the log recording.

    By programmer

    The naiveGPXlogger creates a navigation.trip.logging path in the SignalK data model. The value by this path is:

      "status": boolean,   
      "logFile": "full/log/file/name"

    where "status" is the state of the record: is on or off; and "logFile" - full name of log file in server file system.
    In order to enable logging, the client application must send a delta message for this path with "status": true
    If at the same time the "logFile" will contain a directory path (with trailing slash) - the log will be recorded in this directory.
    The log recording is stopped by sending a delta message with "status": false
    The basic example is in the sample.html


    Use SignalK web admin interface to install plugin from SignalK Appstore as naivegpxlogger.
    Restart SignalK,
    Use Server -> Plugin Config menu to start plugin and configure parameters.



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    npm i naivegpxlogger

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