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    A naive implementation of the ECS pattern in typescript!

    npm package can be found here

    quick guide

    • Be sure to checkout the wave shooter demo for a practical example
    • Make sure to install the package, preferably through npm, but you could use the master branch if you want to, although expect breaking changes.

    This is a WIP project and things are bound to change. I strive to make it as user friendly as possible, but there is a lot to reach that goal. That being said. This is how you can use 1.4:

    // create some types that represent components
    interface Circle {
      radius: number;
    interface Position {
      x: number;
      y: number;
    interface Colored {
      color: string;
    // create a manager
    const manager = new ECSManager();
    // register your types in the manager with default values
    registerComponentType<Circle>(manager, { radius: 10 });
    registerComponentType<Position>(manager, { x: 0, y: 0 });
    registerComponentType<Colored>(manager, { color: '#ff0000' });
    // create an entity and attach components to them
    const { entityId } = manager.createEntity();
    const radius = Math.random() * circleMaxSize;
    addComponent<Circle>(manager, entityId, { radius: radius });
    addComponent<Position>(manager, entityId, { x: Math.random() * canvas.width, y: Math.random() * canvas.height });
    addComponent<Colored>(manager, entityId, { color: '#'+(Math.random()*0xFFFFFF<<0).toString(16) });
    // create systems that will run each frame 
    // all systems take in delta time as their first argument (the time since last frame)
    // all other arguments needs to be wrapped in a Component<T>
    const drawCircleSystem = (dt: number, circle: Component<Circle>, pos: Component<Position>, color: Component<Colored>) => {
        ctx.strokeStyle =;
        ctx.arc(,,, 0, 2 * Math.PI);
    // For simple query requirements ts-ecs can generate the query for you base on your system
    // Simple meaning only "AND" so in this case we ask for all entities with circle and position and color
    registerSystem(manager, drawCircleSystem);

    See the circle demo for a better overview of a simple application.

    Using this project

    This project utilizes typescript transformers. In order for it to work in your project you will have to enable the transformers. How you do this depends on the project facilities:

    In Webpack

    const managerEndpointsTransformer = require('naive-ts-ecs/manager-endpoints.transformer').default; // <--
    module.exports = ['ts-loader'].map(loader => ({
       // ... omitted
        module: {
            rules: [
                    // ... omitted
                    options: {
                        // make sure not to set `transpileOnly: true` here, otherwise it will not work
                        getCustomTransformers: program => ({
                            before: [

    read more about webpack here

    in ttypescript

    Remeber to build using ttsc not tsc

        "compilerOptions": {
            "plugins": [
                { "transform": "naive-ts-ecs/manager-endpoints.transformer" },

    read more about ttypescript here


    Open index.html from the docs folder in a browser

    You can also build the documentation using npm run doc

    How to build

    Make sure you have node and npm

    Install dependencies:

    npm install

    To build:

    npm run build

    To run tests:

    npm test


    You can check out my simple wave shooter implementation here


    npm i naive-ts-ecs

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