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Module host for nail build enviroments.


The nail-core serves as a module host for nail build enviroments.

  • create classes from structured objects
  • create custom builders with modules
  • relevant meta data is added to all constructors
  • optional [namespace][About.namespaces] support
  • lean API

To create a new build enviroment use NailApi.use:

myNail = require('nail-core').use myModulemyOtherModule

It is recomended to define your nail builder in a seperate file and load it with require:

module.exports = require(nail-core).use myModulemyOtherModule

Once you have created a nail builder you can create new classes with the "" function. "myNamespace",
      name: 'anon'
      hello: ()-> "hello #{@name}"

For a quick start use the nail bundle.

It already contains some modules and illustartes how to use nail builders to create new classes.

Install with npm:

npm install nail-core

Clone with GIT:

git clone git://

Head here → docs