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Overview of Community Twitch Tracker n8n Node

I created this nod for a friend to make it a little nicer to use the very simple Twitch Tracker API.

If you want a custom node

Please reach out to me using the info on my GitHub page.
Nodes can be built for the community as well as privately just for one organization.

Bugs/Contributing/Feature Request

If you have a bug to report or a feature request, please submit a GitHub issue with as much detail as you're able to give.

Feel free to submit PRs, but please get in touch with me first to make sure I am willing to add the feature before you spend the time on it.



This can only be installed if you are self-hosting n8n.

Follow the installation guide in the n8n community nodes documentation.

Get Channel Summary

You must pass in the exact of the streamer/channel. You can find this from the URL when on the streamer's Twitch page.

Get Game Summary

You can pass in the exact ID or the exact name of the game.

To find the exact ID and exact name, go to https://twitchtracker.com/games On the page of the game, the title will be the name and the number in the end of the URL will be the ID

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