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    This is an n8n community node. It helps you to create:

    • One dynamic content per all input items.
    • One dynamic content per input item.

    If you have any questions or remarks please contact me.

    n8n is a fair-code licensed workflow automation platform.


    Don't want to read? Import the sample workflow Generate dynamic contents for EMAILS or HTML pages to test this node with random samples. Generate dynamic contents for EMAILS or HTML pages


    Follow the installation guide in the n8n community nodes documentation.


    This node was developed and tested with version 0.193.5 of n8n.


    If you install this node, n8n will install automatically the next extra npm packages:

    • handlebars: required to work with Handlebars templates


    The node can solve multiple use cases when creating content like:

    • Email generation (HTML or TEXT)
    • Static HTML pages
    • WordPress posts
    • Telegram/Slack messages

    The sky is your limit!

    Just follow the next samples to create your dynamic content and forget to use SET, FUNCTION, or FUNCTION ITEM nodes.

    All input items in one template


    • You want to send a list of recent news about n8n.
    • You want to send the list of the customers created in the last hour in your database.


    Supposing that you have a customer list in JSON:

    		"email": "",
    		"name": "Miquel"
    		"email": "",
    		"name": "Contact"

    You need to use this template:

    <ul id="customer_list">
      {{#each items}}
      <li>{{name}}: {{email}}</li>

    And you will get the next output to send by email in HTML format:

    <ul id="customer_list">

    Property items is always mandatory to iterate over all items.

    One input item per template


    • You have an invoice with header and lines and you want to send it by email.


    If you have one item/invoice with this JSON:

    	"date": "2022-01-12",
    	"to": "N8n hackers",
    	"address": "Granollers, Spain",
    	"total": 133.10,
    	"lines": [
    			"description": "Create a node to render items in handlebar templates",
    			"quantity": 1,
    			"amount": 100,
    			"vat": 21,
    			"total": 121
    			"description": "Test a node to render items in handlebar templates",
    			"quantity": 1,
    			"amount": 10,
    			"vat": 2.10,
    			"total": 12.1

    You need to use this template:

    Date: {{date}}
    To: {{to}}
    Address: {{address}}
    {{#each lines}}
    - "{{description}}" x {{quantity}} = {{amount}}€ + {{vat}}€ = {{total}}€
    Total invoice: {{total}}€

    And you will get the next output to send by email in TEXT format:

    Date: 2022-01-12
    To: N8n hackers
    Address: Granollers, Spain
    - "Create a node to render items in handlebar templates" x 1 = 100€ + 21€ = 121€
    - "Test a node to render items in handlebar templates" x 1 = 10€ + 2.10€ = 12.10€
    Total invoice: 133.10€

    I recommend using this method if you want to send multiple invoices.

    Doubts about templates syntax

    Please, check the official page to review all the existing expressions in Handlebars.

    Another way to try it out

    N8N documentation on custom nodes

    Clone the n8n-nodes-document-generator repository and execute:

    # Use v16.17.0 = lts/gallium
    nvm use lts/gallium
    # Install dependencies
    npm install
    # Build the code
    npm run build
    # "Publish" the package locally
    npm link

    Create an N8N installation and add the n8n-nodes-document-generator to it:

    # Create an N8N installation
    cd ..
    mkdir n8n_install
    cd n8n_install
    npm init
    npm install
    npm install n8n
    # "Install" the locally published module
    npm link n8n-nodes-document-generator
    # Start n8n
    npx n8n


    To make this node even better, please let us know, how you use it. Commits are always welcome.


    If you have any issues, please let us know on GitHub.


    Nodes by For productive use and consulting on this, contact us please.

    Special thanks to N8n nodemation workflow automation by Jan Oberhauser.




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