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    n-krypta package

    This is a simple package for encrypting and decrypting strings. It is based on a strong algorithm, It has zero dependencies and was written in pure typescript.

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    What the n-krypta package does

    n-krypta is an npm package that runs on the nodejs environment . It allows you to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data using a key. It is based on a strong algorithm. This library is available on npm and it is compatible with nodejs on both the client and server side. It can run on any javascript or typescript project (Nodejs, Reactjs, Vuejs, Angularjs etc). It allows encryption and decryption of strings, numbers, booleans, objects, arrays, null and undefined.


    npm install n-krypta  //for npm


    yarn add n-krypta //for yarn


    It can be used on nodejs, react, angular, vue, and any other javascript or typescript project.

    Data types supported

    • string
    • number
    • boolean
    • object
    • array
    • null
    • undefined
    const { encrypt, decrypt, compare } = require('n-krypta'); //For commonjs


    import { encrypt, decrypt, compare } from 'n-krypta'; //For es6

    Encryption and Decryption of strings

    const secret = 'my-secret'; // secret key for encryption
    const sampleString =
      'I am not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for excellent info I was looking for this info for my mission.';
    const encryptedString = encrypt(sampleString, secret); // #Iblankartan!not!svreblankartwhfreblankartzpublankartase!gettiogblankartypvrblankartiofprmatipn,blankartcvtblankartgpoeblankarttopid.blankartI!oeedtblankartuoblankartspeodblankartspneblankarttjmfblankartlearoing!nore!osblankartundesstaoeing!mpre.blankartTiankt!for!eycelleotblankartiogoblankartI!wbsblankartlooling!gorblankartuhjsblankartinfpblankartfos!myblankartnitsion.#
    console.log(encryptedString); // This prints out the encrypted string
    const decryptedString = decrypt(encryptedString, secret); // decrypts the string
    console.log(decryptedString); // This prints out the decrypted string

    Encryption and Decryption of objects

    const secret = 'my-secret'; // secret key for encryption
    const sampleObject = {
      name: 'Samuel Egbajie',
      age: infinity,
      address: 'earth, Universe',
      email: '',
      phone: '08012345678',
      password: 'my-password',
    const encryptedObject = encrypt(sampleObject, secret); //|killernanfkiller:killerTanuelblankartEhbajjfkiller,killerbgfkiller:nulm,killeraeerestkiller;alphakillerstrfetkiller;#MaioblankartTtreet#,killernvnber#:223mega,killerfmaim#:killermz-nail@tfst.dpmkiller,#pionekiller:#08023345779killer,killerpatswosekiller:killerny.passwprdkiller-#lanhubgeskiller:blacardkillerMbvcekiller,#NbijablankartPjdgio#,killerJbvbScripukiller,killero.kryqtbkiller,killerEnhlisi#,killerAsacickiller,killerEeuttdhekiller^mega
    console.log(encryptedObject); // This prints out the encrypted object as string
    const decryptedObject = decrypt(encryptedObject, secret); // decrypts the string
    console.log(decryptedObject); // This prints out the decrypted object

    Encryption and Decryption of arrays

    const secret = 'my-secret'; // secret key for encryption
    const sampleArray = [
    const encryptedArray = (encryptedArray = encrypt(sampleArray, secret)); //blacardkillerOrboges#,#Appletkiller,killerCbnanbs#,killerGraqeskiller-#Peass#,killerPinfappmfskiller,#Wbtermemons#-killerMaogpeskiller],killerPinfappmfskiller,#Wbtermemons#-killerMaogpeskiller]
    console.log(encryptedArray); // This prints out the encrypted array as string
    const decryptedArray = decrypt(encryptedArray, secret); // decrypts the string
    console.log(decryptedArray); // This prints out the decrypted array

    Comparing encrypted strings (example for password comparison)

    const secret = 'Secret'; // secret key for encryption
    const samplePassword = 'My-password1900@';
    const encryptedPassword = encrypt(samplePassword, secret); // #Nz.qatsword1:11A#
    // This returns true if the password matches the encrypted password
    const passwordMatch = compare(samplePassword, encryptedPassword, secret); // true
    console.log(passwordMatch); // This prints out true
    // This returns false if the password does not match the encrypted password
    const passwordMatch = compare('wrong-password', encryptedPassword, secret); // false
    console.log(passwordMatch); // This prints out false


    Created with love by Samuel Egbajie (CodePapi on Github)


    If you like this package, please consider supporting me on Github Sponsors. Thank you.


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