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    Mytosis LevelDB

    Persistent cache for Mytosis


    mytosis-leveldb is a plugin for Mytosis and serves as long-term storage. It's perfect for small-scale servers and electron apps looking for a persistent cache.

    Its ease of use and large ecosystem allows for quick prototyping of different backends, like Mongo, Google Sheets, or Azure (to name a few).

    Note: This plugin doesn't depend on LevelDB directly. To keep compatibility with all the different platforms (specifically browsers), a level instance must be passed as an argument.


    This package is published on npm. You probably know what to do, but here's something you can copy & paste.

    # With the yarn goodness 
    yarn add mytosis mytosis-leveldb
    # Or with npm, that's cool too 
    npm install --save mytosis mytosis-leveldb

    The most popular LevelDB interface is levelup with leveldown. Here's what it looks like for this plugin...

    import LevelDB from 'mytosis-leveldb'
    import database from 'mytosis'
    // You'll need to install `levelup` first.
    import levelup from 'levelup'
    // Create a new level instance.
    const level = levelup('app-prefix/', {
      // Sets the encoding for every read & write.
      valueEncoding: 'json',
    const db = database({
      storage: new LevelDB({ backend: level }),

    It creates a new folder in the current working directory as app-prefix/ (or whatever you passed to levelup) and uses it as a database. The valueEncoding option is important - if you begin to see [object Object] everywhere, make sure it's set to json.

    That's it! Everything you need to get up and running with LevelDB is right there. Reads and writes will go through LevelDB.

    Taking it further

    You can use level everywhere, from the server to the browser to React Native. It seems every database in existence has a LevelDB plugin for it. Seriously, check the list.

    For example, here's how you'd use mytosis-leveldb in the browser with IndexedDB:

    import LevelDB from 'mytosis-leveldb'
    import database from 'mytosis'
    import levelup from 'levelup'
    import leveljs from 'level-js'
    const level = levelup('your-app-name/', {
      valueEncoding: 'json', // Encode as JSON
      db: leveljs, // Persist to IndexedDB
    const db = database({
      storage: new LevelDB({ backend: level }),

    The same general process applies using sheet-down, redis-down, riak-down or any other backend - change the config.db option.

    There's an entire other class of plugins for level too, like hooks, advanced queries, and data visualizations, but I'll leave those for you to explore 🌈


    Note: The Mytosis storage plugin spec isn't finished yet. A .query() method and a way to read keys in bulk are on the spec roadmap.

    If you encounter a problem or find yourself needing a feature, please submit an issue. It's invaluable to know about these problems before going too far in the wrong direction.


    npm i mytosis-leveldb

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