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The main goal for the project is to build a URL shortener.

Application to shorten given URL includes

  • Sign-in screen, to login (localhost:3000)

  • Sign-up screen, to create a new account (localhost:3000/signup), you will be redirected here if you click on the "Create An Account" button on the login page

  • The password can be reset via email, you will have to put your gmail credentials for smtp server in app/server/modules/email-setting.js file

  • Update account page (localhost:3000/account), account can be deleted from that page

  • Home page, which is URL shortener page (localhost:3000/home), you will be redirected here right after the successful login. Submit a URL and the resulting shortened URL will be shown, you can click on it or copy and paste in the browser, and you will be redirected to the external page

  • users credentials and urls are stored in mongodb

  • Users page will display all registered user (localhost:3000/users)

  • URLs page will display all stored urls (localhost:3000/urls)

Packages used:

  • Express framework
  • Mongoose
  • Jade template engine
  • emailjs
  • stylus
  • Twitter Bootstrap




npm i myshort

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