Personal event collector with rss and web interface


Logs events from different sources and provides an interface to access them

You can install myhub with npm

npm install myhub

Or by cloning the repository and install the dependencies

git clone
cd myhub
npm install

Note: Three of the modules in the dependency chain need to be compiled, node-expat is required, node-stringprep and sqlite3 are optional.

  • node-expat requires libexpat ( libexpat-dev on ubuntu )
  • node-stringprep requires libicu ( libicu-dev on ubuntu )
  • sqlite3 requires libsqlite3 >= 3.6 ( libsqlite3-dev on ubuntu )

To configure myhub just copy config.json.example to config.json and customize it to fit your needs.

// Start myhub and use the config.json in the same folder
node myhub.js

// Start myhub with the specified config file
node myhub.js customconfig.json