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My lightweight, Node-specific, no dependancy, simplified, cross-platform methods for manipulating files and folders syncronously with Node.js.


npm install myfs --save
... or
yarn add myfs

Quick Reference

NOTE: See the "docs" folder details (this is just a basic listing).

Method Arguments Description
copy src, dest, binary Copies a file from one location to another.
cp src, dest, binary alias for copy
cpdir from, to Copies the entire folder's heirarchy folder from one location to another. If the other location doesn't exists, it will be constructed.
empty who, dryRun Recursively empties a folder of all it's contents (and all the sub-folder's contents), but leaves the source folder.
exists src Checks to see if a file or folder exists.
launch target, opts A file launcher. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables using the native system program.
list from, filter, recursive, store Read a folder and returns an object containing a "files" array and a "dirs" array. Each array lists full system paths.
listExt from, exts, recursive Returns an array of paths for files that have the extension(s). The ext argument can be an array to return multiple extensions.
ls alias for list
makedir destination Creates a folder at the specified location. The sub-folder heirarchy is constructed as needed.
move src Moves a file or folder.
rename src Alias for move.
open src, binary Reads the text or binary data out of a file. Use the "binary" (boolean) argument for non-text files.
rm src Deletes a file from the system.
rmdir who, dryRun Recursively removes a folder and all of it's sub-folders as well.
save src, data, binary Saves text data to a file. Overwrites entire file with provided data.
write src, data, binary Alias for save.
isFile src Checks to see if src is a file, as opposed to exists, which checks if either file OR folder exists.
isDir src Checks to see if src is a folder, as opposed to exists, which checks if either file OR folder exists.
touch src Creates or updates the timestamp on a specific file or folder.
dupe src Duplicates a file "in place" by making a copy with appended "copy N" in the file name.
isBinary src A cheap/fast check to see if a file's extension is in a list of known binary extensions.
Path Stuff
Method Arguments Description
addSlash path Adds a trailing slash from path (if doesn't exist).
addTrailingSlash alias for addSlash
removeSlash path Removes a trailing slash from path (if exists).
removeTrailingSlash path alias for removeSlash
resolve path... Generates an absolute path based on the provided arguments.
base name alias for basename
basename path, ext Returns the last portion of a path, generally the "filename".
clean arg Normalizes slashes by converting double \ to single \ and / to \ or \ tp / based on the current platform requirements.
dir alias for dirname
ext src Returns the bare, base extension (no dot).
filename src alias for basename
format obj Combines the elements of an object into a string. The opposite of path.parse().
isAbsolute src Determines if path is an absolute path.
join paths... Joins path segments and resolves relativity.
name path"/foo/bar/bob.txt") --> "bob"
normalize path Resolves ".." and "." portions of a path. Reduces double slashes to single (e.g. // -> / ). Forces back-slashes to forward slashes (e.g. \ -> / ). Retains trailing slash if exists.
parent path Returns the path to the parent folder that the item resides within.
parse path Note that this uses the mind-warping name, basename, ext of the default Node.path.parse() plus some props that don't hurt my brain. Extracts basic path and file parts. root, dir, base, ext, name, ext2, extension, basename, filename, parent
relative from, to Creates a relative path between "from" and "to"
cwd tack Gets the current working directory. Resolves the argument to the path.
swapExt src Changes the path's (or filename's) extension.


Property Description
sep The kind of seperator used in paths. Windows = \ or POSIX = /
delimiter Platform environment $PATH delimiter.
du Access to the underlaying directory utility class for access to additional methods that are not so common.
fu Access to the underlaying file utility class for access to additional methods that are not so common.
path Essentially the same as Node's built-in path, but has a few extras and unified cross-platform'd. This provides access to the underlaying path utility class for access to additional methods that are not so common.


var myfs = require('myfs');
var data ="/path/to/file.txt");"/path/to/file.txt", "This is the contents of my file.");

Open / Read

var myfile ="/path/to/folder/file1.txt"); // Yeilds the text contents of the file.
var myfile ="/path/to/folder/file1.txt"); // same as above

Save / Write

var myfile ="/path/to/folder/file1.txt", data); // Wites the text data to the file.
var myfile = myfs.write("/path/to/folder/file1.txt", data); // same as above

Listing files from a folder

var mylist = myfs.list("/path/to/folder");
// Yeilds
// {
// 		files : [
// 					"/path/to/folder/file1.txt",
// 					"/path/to/folder/file2.txt",
// 					"/path/to/folder/file3.txt"
// 					],
// 		dirs : [
// 					"/path/to/folder/folder1",
// 					"/path/to/folder/folder2",
// 					"/path/to/folder/folder3"
// 					]
// 	}

Listing only files of X extension.

var mylist = myfs.listExt("/path/to/folder", "txt");
// Yeilds
// 		[
// 			"/path/to/folder/file1.txt",
// 			"/path/to/folder/file2.txt",
// 			"/path/to/folder/file3.txt"
// 		]

Listing files of X & Y extension

var mylist = myfs.listExt("/path/to/folder", ["txt", "foo"]);
// Yeilds
// 		[
// 			"/path/to/folder/file1.txt",
// 			"/path/to/folder/file2.txt",
// 			"/path/to/folder/",
// 			"/path/to/folder/"
// 		]

Change log

1.0.22 - Oct 20, 2019

  • Added isBinary and dupe file methods.

1.021 - Dec. 20, 2018

  • readExt/listExt properly documented and available... One was missing and the docs explained the other, now they're both in their.

1.0.19 - Sept. 8, 2018

  • readExt/listExt would not capture file with upper-case extensions. Made upper/lower-case agnostic. When call this method, use lower-case strings for your extension(s).
  • added "path" and "src" to parse, both of which return the original source path string provided.
  • fixed issue with readdir when stats fails (mac)

1.0.14 - August 14, 2018

  • added filter to the readExt

1.0.13 - August 14, 2018

  • Check if dir exists before attempt to delete
  • copy now copies folders too.
  • Added touch

1.0.12 - May 1, 2018

  • ensure exists added into a couple other places in fileutils
  • fileutils.write now honors a string in the binary argument
  • added better documentation on readdir filter

1.0.8 - May 1, 2018

  • Added swapExt


MIT - Mike Gieson


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