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    Simple Type and Function set for Either interface. Either important concept in functional programming. But Node.js and TypeScript not support this concept. So you can choose fp-ts or anther functional utility. But if you need only Eihter, this package is good alternative.

    Why? use Either?

    Helpful for functional programming and integrate return type. See below.

    import { parse as jsoncParse } from 'jsonc-parser';
    import { parse as json5Parse } from 'json5';
    function json5Parse(value: string): PassFailEither<Error, Record<any, any>> {
      try {
        return pass(json5Parse(value));
      } catch (err) {
        return fail(new Error(err));
    function jsoncParse(value: string): PassFailEither<Error, Record<any, any>> {
      try {
        return pass(jsoncParse(value));
      } catch (err) {
        return fail(new Error(err));
    function parse(value: string): Record<any, any> {
      const jsoncParsedEither = jsoncParse(value);
      if (isPass(jsoncParsedEither)) {
        return jsoncParsedEither.pass;
      const json5ParsedEither = json5Parse(value);
      if (isPass(json5ParsedEither)) {
        return json5ParsedEither.pass;    
      // also you can use "throw new Error(;"
      throw new Error(;

    throw keyword move control-flow. But Either, PassFailEither don't move control-flow besides Either helpful functional programming and function pipe.


    Name using left and right.

    name description
    ILeft Left interface
    IRight Right interface
    Either Either type using ILeft and IRight
    left value convert ILeft type
    right value convert IRight type
    isLeft check given value is ILeft type
    isRight check given value is IRight type


    Name using pass and fail.

    name description
    IFail Fail interface
    IPass Pass interface
    PassFailEither PassFailEither type using IFail and IPass
    fail value convert IFail type
    pass value convert IPass type
    isFail check given value is IFail type
    isPass check given value is IPass type

    Generic type in Either, PassFailEither

    First generic type is ILeft or IFail. Because fp-ts and many programming language choose first type is left(or fail).

    type Either<TLEFT, TRIGHT> = ILeft<TLEFT> | IRight<TRIGHT>;


    npm i my-only-either

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