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This module has been created by Jeotique to manage your database. Example with a discord bot : github

Before start : npm i mysql

Define your database :

const sql = require('mxtorie')

const db = new sql.database({
    host: '',
    user: 'admin',
    pass: 'mysecretpass',
    database: 'local',
    port: 3306 //if you don't give any port the database will be connected trought the port 3306
}, {
    myfirsttable: [{
        name: 'message',
        type: sql.datatype.VARCHAR,
        length: 255
    }, {
        name: 'people',
        type: sql.datatype.INT,
        length: 255
    mysecondtable: [{
        name: 'onlyonecolumn',
        type: sql.datatype.JSON
    //If the tables is not existing in your database they will be created. 
    //If the tables is existing but for example 'people' is not created in the table, the program will add it.

Connect to your database :

    console.log('Error during the connection : '+e)

Use the database :

db.insert('myfirsttable', [{message: 'this is a message', people: 1000}])
//will insert a new line in the table 'myfirsttable' with message = 'this is a message' and people = 1000

db.delete('myfirsttable', [{people: 1000}])
//will delete the line where people is equal to 1000'myfirsttable', ['message', 'people'], [{message: 'this is a message'}])
//will save the values 'message' and 'people' in the database where 'message' is equal to 'this is a message'

//will save all deleted in the database (delete the lines), do this after using : "db.delete()"

db.set('myfirsttable', [{message: 'this is a message'}], 'message', 'this is a new message')
//will change the value of 'message' to 'this is a new message' where 'message' is equal to 'this is a message'

let message = await db.get('myfirsttable', [{people: 1000}], 'message')
//will return an array with all values of 'message' where 'people' is equal to 1000
//return ['this is a message']

let onlyOne = await db.getOne('myfirstttable', [{people: 1000}], 'message')
//will return one value of 'message' where 'people' is equal to 1000
//return 'this is a message'

let all = await db.getAllWhere('myfirsttable', [{message: 'this is a message', people: 1000}])
//will return an array with every data where 'message' = 'this is a message' and 'people' = 1000

let hasThisTable = await db.hasTable('myfirsttable')
//return true if the table is existing in the LOCAL cache or false if not

let has = await db.has('myfirsttable', [{people: 1000}])
//return true if the LOCAL cache have a line where "people" is equal to 1000 or false if not

Important : you need to save every important changements, like after a set or a delete. All changements without saving is local so if you restart your program without save you will lost every progress !

For any question : discord server (the server is french but i can answer to english peoples too.)

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