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A QUnit test runner for node, that adds some mediawiki specific things.

npm install -g mw-node-qunit
mw-node-qunit tests/*.js
# Or for cross-shell and OS glob support
mw-node-qunit 'tests/**/*.js'

The output for the tests is in TAP format, which is pretty basic, if you want pretty output, here is a list of reporters you can install to prettify output. Example:

npm install -g tap-dot
mw-node-qunit tests/*.js | tap-dot

If you want to run tests on watch, use nodemon for example:

npm install -g nodemon
nodemon -w src -w tests --exec "mw-node-qunit tests/*.js | tap-dot"

Testing with QUnit

This test runner will add QUnit, mediaWiki globals, and a jsdom window object and jquery initialized as window, document, and jQuery in the global scope so you can run your tests assuming those will be present.

It also adds a sinon sandbox to the this scope on a test as this.sandbox that is automatically created and restored before and after every test, so you can spy/stub things in beforeEach or in the tests without worrying about having to manually restoring them after the test.