node package manager



A simple Node.js module to create a war-/jar-package and install/deploy to a local/remote Maven repository. It uses mvn to do the actual deployment, so you need maven installed locally.

Project name and version is extracted from package.json and used as artifactId and maven version. Supply an object litteral with other Maven related config. Values from package.json can be used by adding curly-braces around the key. Example {finalName: "{name}-{version}"}.

The package is created from the {buildDir}/ folder. So you need to make sure that the files you want in the package is put there before packaging. The default is dist/. The package file will be output in the same folder.

var config = {
    "groupId"      : "com.example",    // required - the Maven group id.
    "buildDir"     : "dist",           // project build directory.
    "finalName"    : "{name}",         // the final name of the file created when the built project is packaged.
    "type"         : "war",            // type of package. "war" or "jar" supported.
    "repositories" : [                 // array of repositories, each with id and url to a Maven repository.
        "id": "example-internal-snapshot",
        "url": ""
        "id": "example-internal-release",
        "url": ""

It might be useful to store the config as a separate json-file, so you can re-use it in multiple files.

var config = require('./maven-config.json');


If you have ideas how to improve this (or other things), please contribute :D

Package war/jar

It expects output from the project to be in dist/ directory. It zips the content and outputs it to dist/{finalName}.{type} Usage: maven.package( [callback] )


var maven = require('maven-deploy');

Install to local repository

Runs package first, then installs the package to your local Maven repository. Usage: maven.install( [callback] )


var maven = require('maven-deploy');


Runs package first, then deploys the package to the specified Maven repository. Usage: maven.deploy( repositoryId, [snapshot = false], [callback])

Example: deploy to snapshot repo

var maven = require('maven-deploy');
maven.deploy('example-internal-snapshot', true);

Example: deploy to release repo

var maven = require('maven-deploy');