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Command line tool used to validate manifests of various kinds (jQuery, Android, npm, composer, wordpress, launch.js)


Command line tool used to validate manifests of various kind (jQuery, Android, composer, npm, launch.js wordpress)


  1. Install node and npm if you haven't already.
  2. Run $ npm install -g mval in your console
  3. Now you can validate manifests anywhere.

Command line

The command line tool will automatically determine which type of manifest you're trying to validate.

$ mval /var/www/project/composer.json

Use mval programatically

var mval = require('mval'),
// Validate android manifest file 
var faults = mval.validate('AndroidManifest.xml', MANIFEST.ANDROID);
if( faults.length > 0 ) {
    throw new Error('Validation of AndroidManifest.xml failed: \n'+faults.join('\n'));
// You can of course also validate ordinary objects 
var obj = {...};
var faults = mval.validate(obj, MANIFEST.COMPOSER);
if( faults.length > 0 ) {
    throw new Error('Validation of composer manifest failed: \n'+faults.join('\n'));



  • Numerous small bugs are fixed
  • Change in how WordPress version definitions is validated


  • Fixed bug in wordpress validation
  • Fixed bug regarding validation of version numbers in composer manifests
  • Added validation of android manifests