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Command line tool used to validate manifests of various kind (jQuery, Android, composer, npm, launch.js wordpress)


  1. Install node and npm if you haven't already.
  2. Run $ npm install -g mval in your console
  3. Now you can validate manifests anywhere.

Command line

The command line tool will automatically determine which type of manifest you're trying to validate.

$ mval /var/www/project/composer.json

Use mval programatically

var mval = require('mval'),
// Validate android manifest file 
var faults = mval.validate('AndroidManifest.xml', MANIFEST.ANDROID);
if( faults.length > 0 ) {
    throw new Error('Validation of AndroidManifest.xml failed: \n'+faults.join('\n'));
// You can of course also validate ordinary objects 
var obj = {...};
var faults = mval.validate(obj, MANIFEST.COMPOSER);
if( faults.length > 0 ) {
    throw new Error('Validation of composer manifest failed: \n'+faults.join('\n'));



  • Numerous small bugs are fixed
  • Change in how WordPress version definitions is validated


  • Fixed bug in wordpress validation
  • Fixed bug regarding validation of version numbers in composer manifests
  • Added validation of android manifests