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Mustard UI

Mustard is a starter CSS framework that actually looks good.

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Getting Started

Mustard UI is currently in release v1.0. Try it out today and help us fine tune the look and feel for future versions!

To get started, you can follow our Installation Guide or use one of the methods provided below:

Install Using NPM:

npm install mustard-ui

Include via a CDN::

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Clone the Repo and Install Dependencies:

git clone

Re-build the SCSS files:

npm run build

Open the Sandbox Environment:

npm run dev

You can start configuring the colors to suit your needs by first changing the $brand-color variable located in src/scss/base/base.scss from $color-green-500 to $color-indigo-500 or any other color you'd like. There are lots of colors that can be found in the src/scss/vars/colors.scss file.

CSS Only

Mustard is a CSS framework and does not include any javascript. We do this in an effort to keep the filesize small.

You can use the framework as is or customize it via the component variables located at the top of each component scss file.


Full documentation is provided on our website located on this repositories GitHub Page and also located in the /docs folder as static html.

Become a Contributor

Mustard UI is provided free of cost because of the contributions that are made from developers like you. If you'd like to see this project grow, we would love it if you could submit a pull request to the project on GitHub.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018 Kyle Logue. This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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