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mustachio-middleware is an express middleware for Mustachio, a pull streaming implementation of the Mustache templating language.

Getting started

Put your templates in the templates directory, and make a .js-file like this:

const express = require('express');
const mu = require('mustachio-middleware');

const app = express();

app.get('/', function (req, res) {'demo', { name: "World" });


If you have templates/demo.mustache that contains Hello, {{name}}!, this small program would respond Hello, World! to requests.


const mu = require('mustachio-middleware');

where opts can be:

  "root": ...,
  "suffixes": ...

"root" specifies the root directory for resolving templates and partials. This defaults to the templates subdirectory of your project directory.

"suffixes" is an array specifying the file name suffixes to look for when resolving templates and partials. It defaults to [ '.mustache', '.mu', '.mu.html', '.html' ].

For more flexibility, opts can be { "partialsResolver": ... } with an object that implements the partials resolver interface. For more details see partials.

The default partials resolver when no "partialsResolver" is specified is partials.FsWatch. If NODE_ENV is production, the partials resolver is partials.Fs instead.