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musicxml-to-wav NPM version

Convert MusicXML to WAV.


Install the package with NPM:

$ npm install -g musicxml-to-wav

The -g flag is recommended for easy CLI usage, but completely optional.


Run it via the CLI:

$ musicxml-to-wav song.xml song.wav

Or, programmatically interact with its API:

var musicXmlToWav = require("musicxml-to-wav");
var stream = musicXmlToWav.convert("song.xml", "song.wav");
// It's a Node.js stream, mate. 
stream.on("finish", function() { console.log("Done!"); });


This package is mostly just a thin wrapper around musicxml-to-pcm and node-wav.

If WAV simply isn't your thing, then perhaps try musicxml-to-mp3 or musicxml-to-speaker.