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murl is fast url pattern matching and replacing. It's avaiable through npm:

npm install murl


murl exposes a single function that accepts a pattern

var murl = require('murl');
var pattern = murl('/{hello}');

If you pass a string to the pattern murl will try and match it

pattern('/world') // -> {hello:'world'} 

If you pass an object it will replace into the pattern

pattern({hello:'world'}) // -> '/world' 


You can use ? to specify a group as optional

murl('/{hello}/{world}?'): matches both /a and /a/b

Per default the {} groups matches until the next character or /.

murl(/{hello}): matches /a but not /a/b murl(/{wid}x{hei}): matches /200x200

Use * to match anything

murl('/*'): matches /a, /a/b/c and so on

Strict mode

Per default murl will disregard trailing / from the input string. Pass {strict:true} to disable this.

var pattern = murl('/{hello}', {strict:true});
console.log(pattern('/world/')); // returns null 
console.log(pattern('/world'))   // return {hello:'world'}