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meteor-please for centos 6

npm version ### Simple Meteor Deployment for CentOS 6+


npm install -g mplzc6


1. Initialise

Simply run in your Meteor project's directory:


You'll get a prompt to automatically configure a mplz.json for your project.

2. Setup Your Environment

Once you've got a configuration file, you can spin up your server, then use this command inside your project directory to install the production environment (nodejs, mongodb, nginx):

mplzc6 setup

Now go grab a coffee, because it will probably take some time for all the things to install.

3. Deploy Your App

After the server setup is done, you can run this command to deploy your app:

mplzc6 deploy



mplzc6 init Reconfigures your app's mplz.json settings file.

mplzc6 setup Sets up your server according to your mplz.json settings.

mplzc6 deploy Deploys your app according to your mplz.json settings.

mplzc6 reconfig Apply any configuration changes if your mplz.json has been modified since last setup.

mplzc6 start Starts your app. (systemd)

mplzc6 stop Stops your app. (systemd)

mplzc6 restart Restarts your app. (systemd)

mplzc6 delete Deletes your app from the deployment directory.


  • SSL
  • Multiple instances/load balancing/oplog tailing
  • Prompt cleanup/validation
  • Support for node apps
  • Exclude folders