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    Convert the JSON log into readable form with command line. JSON logs can also be viewed as gird/table form on console.


    npm install -g munia-pretty-json


    JSON log records (app-log.json):

    {"time":"2021-06-09T02:50:22Z","level":"info","message":"Log for pretty JSON","module":"init","hostip":"","pid":123}
    {"time":"2021-06-09T03:27:43Z","level":"warn","message":"Here is warning message","module":"send-message","hostip":"","pid":123}

    Run the commond munia-pretty-json on shell:

    $ munia-pretty-json app-log.json

    This turns the JSON to:


    With this tool the main feature is template that prettifies easily the JSON. Here is an example of template:

    $ munia-pretty-json  --template  '{module --color} - {level} - {message}'  app-log.json



      Usage: munia-pretty-json [options] <json-file>
             tail -f <json-file> | munia-pretty-json [options]
             node myapp.js | munia-pretty-json [options]
        -t, --template ..... template to format the json record
                             '{key [options]} {key [options]} {...}'
                             json property (key) names are used to format the template
                             default template '{time} {level --color} {message}'
        -C, --context ...... print number of lines before and after context
        -a, --all .......... print formatted json and non json records if true, default true
                             print only formatted json if false
            --error-key .... print full value of error key, default true
            --cache ........ read/write arguments from/to cache file './.mpjrc', default true
        -g, --grid ......... grid/table view, default false
        -d, --debug ........ print json parsing error message, default false
        -h, --help ......... help/usage infromation
        -v, --version ...... version of this app
      template options:
        -c, --color ........ color the values of this key, default false
        -i, --include ...... include records which match the value of key
        -e, --exclude ...... exclude records which match the value of key
        -f, --filter ....... regular expression to filter the records
        -s, --span ......... span as number of characters for the column widh
                             in grid/table view
        -w, --width ........ width of string to be printed
                             if negative then width is considered backward
        --level-key ........ log level key, default 'level',
                             effective only when used with --color option
                             it is useful to select defualt colors for levels
      template special options for specific options:
        -l, --level ........ level value, level upto which records to be included,
                             default 'info'
                             --level=info is equivenlent to --include=error,warn,info
                             Note: option only related to level key
        -t, --time ......... format the time key value from milli seconds to string
                             optional tokens can also be given to format the time
                             example: -t '[YYYYescape] YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ[Z]'
                             tokens as per dayjs
                             Note: option only related to time key
      template special keys:
        REST ............... print rest of the keys and values as a JSON string
                             (keys which are not part of the template)
                             example: -t '{level}: {message} {REST}'
        --include-keys ..... keys to include in 'REST'
                             example: -t '{msg} {REST --include-keys=app,pid}'
                             Note: option only related to 'REST' key
        --exclude-keys ..... keys to exclude from 'REST'
                             example: -t '{msg} {REST --exclude-keys=host,version}'
                             Note: option only related to 'REST' key


    npm test


    Licensed under MIT.


    npm i munia-pretty-json

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