Sort of restfull client to create multiple WebSocket-to-TCP proxy/bridges


MultiWebsock2Tcp is a sort of multi webscocket to tcp bridge server.

Its intended to use in conjunction with noVNC.

It can also use certs to create a cecure connection to to noVNC.

git clone
cd multiWebsock2Tcp
npm install

##Running To start the server just run

node index.js

By defaul the server will be listening on port 3000

##Options You can pass a couple options to the server Use To set web server port --port

To preserver websocket connection setup between restarts --preserve

To enable wss:// --key key.pem --cert cert.pem

You can genreate test cert and key by running

openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -out cert.pem -keyout key.pem

If you would like to load a diffrent initial websocket config file. --preserveFile file or have a file called ./CurrentConnections.js

By default you can only connect from 127.0.01

To set the ip that you are allowed to connect to the server on use --ips ip1,ip2


###Add a connection Do a post request to

This will create a tunnel listening on port 2333 connected to and port 5900. It will also only accept connections from It will also return a list of the current connections.


    "1": {
        "src_ip": "",
        "local_port": 2333,
        "remote_ip": "",
        "remote_port": 5900,
        "created": "2014-02-06T17:28:29+02:00",
        "updated": "2014-02-06T17:28:29+02:00"

Do a delete request to

Do a get request to