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Multisource Stream

A readable stream that accepts an arbitrary number of sources, which can start from any offset.


var multi = new Multisource();
var source1 = multi.from(0);
var source2 = multi.from(6);
source2.write("World !");; // => null
source1.write("Hello ");; // => "Hello World !"
var multi = new Multisource();
multi.from(3).write("bar");; // => "foobar"
var request = require('request');
var multi = new Multisource();
request('', { headers: { 'Range': 'bytes=0-499' } }).pipe(multi.from(0));
request('', { headers: { 'Range': 'bytes=500-999' } }).pipe(multi.from(500));

Class: Multisource

multisource.from(offset, [options])

  • offset {Number}
  • options {Object} Directly passed to the Source constructor
  • return {Source} A stream.Duplex which writes to the multisource stream from an offset