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Glob all the patterns!

multi-glob is a small wrapper around node-glob that allows you to glob multiple patterns in one go, and optionally treat it as a failure if any one pattern matches no files.

If you just need to glob multiple patterns in one go, you can simply do:

var glob = require("multi-glob").glob;
glob(["all", "the", "patterns"], cb);

However, with multi-glob, you can do a "strict" glob, which will cause an error if e.g. the pattern "the" in the previous example matched no files.


multiGlob.glob(patterns[, options], callback);

Works like node-glob's glob, with the following two exceptions:

  • patterns may be either a string pattern or an array of string patterns
  • options may include strict. When set to true, glob will yield an error if either one of patterns matches no files.