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Supporting native JavaScript functionality since 2014, mtil is a collection of utility functions. It's similar to, and inspired by, the illustrious Underscore, Lo-Dash, and MOUT. The big difference being mtil assumes you're using the latest and greatest JavaScript features (or polyfills thereof).

Each utility is in its own file so you only add what you need to your code. No monolithic includes or build configurators here, thank you. Modules are available to use in ES6, CommonJS, and AMD formats.


With Node.js:

$ npm install mtil

With Bower:

$ bower install militiajs/mtil

API Documentation

TODO: add api docs here


It's assumed that you're using the new shiny by including shims as needed for features that browsers and Node.js have not yet fully implemented. The tests used to create the support graph are generated atop community ES shims.

TODO: insert compatibility graph here


Standards for this project, including tests, code coverage, and semantics are enforced with a build tool. Pull requests must include passing tests with 100% code coverage and no linting errors. Now drop and give me 20!

Stories in Ready


Make sure you've installed Node.js, which ships with npm.

# Clone the repository 
$ git clone git://
cd mtil
# Install the dependencies 
$ npm install


Simply run gulp.

# Install Gulp globally 
$ npm install -g gulp
# Run 
$ gulp


Released under the MIT License.