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    MTG decklist parser

    Library for parsing MTG Online & Arena decklists


    The library is available as a package on npm. Currently there is no static location for a production file to hotlink to.

    npm install mtg-decklist-parser --save

    After that import the Decklist class from the library. This is where all parsing is done. Just pass your decklist string into the constructor of the class.

    import {Decklist} from 'mtg-decklist-parser';
    let parsed = new Decklist(rawString);

    If manually building the library to include in your project, the Decklist class will be available in the MTGParser global object.

    let parsed = new MTGParser.Decklist(rawString);

    API documentation

    Decklists to be given to the parser follow the conventional newline separated format that can be found on many popular sites such as MTGGoldfish. Supports lists exported from MTG Arena and MTGO .dek files. There are multiple example decklists in the example folder.

    Decklist & MTGO

    Both the Decklist and MTGO classes share the same properties. Both expect strings passed into their constructor.

    Property Type Description
    valid Boolean If the parsing of the decklist was successful. Note: this does not necessarily mean the input was well formed.
    deck Array An array of CardModel for the main deck.
    sideboard Array An array of CardModel for the sideboard.
    companion CardModel If a companion is specified in the input will be available, otherwise null.
    commander CardModel If a commander is specified in the input will be available, otherwise null.


    Note: This is used internally and not publicly exposed.

    Property Type Optional Description
    name String False The name of the card specified within the deck.
    amount Number False The amount of the card specified within the deck.
    set String True The set code of the card.
    collectors Number True The collector number of the card within the specific set.
    mtgoID String True The ID of the card specific to MTG Online.


    Method for automatically parsing an MTGO or MTGA decklist.

    @param  rawInput String        A decklist string to be parsed.
    @return          Decklist|MTGO Either a Decklist or MTGO class object.

    Dev setup

    To get the project up and running with a test page and hot reloading, clone the repo and run the following:

    npm install
    npm start

    To build the project for production code:

    npm build


    npm i mtg-decklist-parser

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